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Payment plan for Walsenburg utility bills

WALSENBURG- The larger than normal utility bills that were sent out by the city of Walsenburg several weeks ago are still creating confusion for residents. The billing was for a 6-7 week period even though the bill may have stated it was for a 30-day period. Past due notices have gone out to residents who have not yet made arrangements to pay their bills.

    City officials have four pay options available for people who are unable to pay their bill in full.

    Residents can pay half of their bill up front and make arrangements to pay the rest of it within two months. A form must be filled out to get this done. Some residents paid half of their bill early on, but because that form was not yet available, they may have received a past due notice saying their balance is due by Mar. 10.  Those residents will still need to go to the city utility office to fill out the now available form before Mar. 10 to get this option.

    Residents can sign up for the budget-billing plan, which spreads their utility costs evenly over a longer period of time.

    For low-income residents, the LEAP (Low-income Energy Assistance Program) program will assist in paying utility bills.  Call 738-2810 for information. 

    Residents that don’t qualify as low income can still apply with the Council of Governments (COG) office at 928 Russell in Walsenburg for energy impact fund money to assist in paying their utility bills.   Call 738-2205 to get the application started.

    The bottom line is, that anyone who has not not paid their utility bill in full, must use one of the four options above to prevent shut-off.  Again, the first option requires that a form be filled out at the city utility office before Mar. 10.