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Passionate Gardner-Calling all Gardeners

La Veta- Although each one of us might not have enough produce to take to market, collectively we can have a farmer’s market.
The La Veta Farmer’s Market Pilot Project is our opportunity, as backyard gardeners, to plant a little extra and sell, exchange, or donate surplus vegetables, herbs, flowers, and plants as our crops are ready for harvest this summer.
Thanks to the work of Marta Moore, Kristina Heim, and the La Veta Transition Town movement, we now have a venue to build our own local food economy. Why drive to another town for expensive vegetables shipped across the country when we have our own, fresh produce right here?
As a grower, your sales might help pay for next year’s seeds or your garden supplies to keep your garden sustainable. You might have extra lettuce but you want broccoli, so you can swap for what you want at the market. Or, you can donate your produce to community gardening programs. Although you might not be interested now, later in the season when you have excess vegetables, please bring them to market.
The first La Veta farmer’s market will be Saturday, June 30, at the La Veta Town Park in conjunction with Art in the Park. Every Saturday morning thereafter, the farmer’s market will be in front of the La Veta Public Library. Thank you to the La Veta Library and Francisco Fort Museum for the use of the space for the farmer’s market.
If you grow for the farmer’s market, please do not use herbicides or pesticides on your crops. Please do not use the herbicide brand Roundup near the crops you plan to bring to market.
Display cartons and containers are available from the Community Garden Transition Town Committee to display your produce at the farmer’s market.
High school students can earn community service credits by helping growers prepare and clean their produce for the market.
Community garden mini-workshops are Saturdays at 10 a.m. at the La Veta Community Garden at the corner of West Virginia and Cherry streets:
• June 9, an easy way to grow potatoes in bins.
• June 16, grow your own oyster mushrooms.
• June 23, companion gardening.
• June 30, Art in the Park/Farmer’s Market Kick-off.
Please contact Marta Moore, 742-6053 ( or Kristina Heim, 719-505-8567 ( for more information about participating in the farmer’s market or farmer’s market training.