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Ordinances and jet fuel get airtime

by Carol Dunn

LA VETA- The La Veta Town Board slogged through three ordinances and two resolutions Tuesday night, and a discussion about the airport pumping system brought some fascinating information to light about the fuel stored there. 

    Ordinance 242 was wordsmithed ad nauseum but finally passed, giving the Town clear direction on how to set fees for reviewing annexation applications. As Trustee Sandy Helwig put it, “This is not the first time we’ve seen this ordinance.  We’ve eaten, breathed and slept this ordinance.”  The fee schedule, which is an addendum to the ordinance, will be studied at a workshop on March 25 at 5:15 pm.  The Board also voted to extend the current moratorium on annexation until May 6. 

    The Board passed two emergency ordinances and one resolution, which were required for financing the pending water project.  Emergency ordinance 241 involves a $1,134,000 bond.  Resolution 208 set policy about identifying hazardous connections in the water system and preventing backflow.  This water department policy was required as part of the pipeline project.

    Bill John Hickey was on hand to explain to the Board that the airport fuel pumping system is not working properly and is in violation of Colorado storage tank regulations.  “The State can’t pressure test the tanks each month,” Hickey said.  The problem has been diagnosed as a computer chip that needs to be replaced, and this would bring the airport back into compliance.  The Board voted to pay for the repair, which will cost $1,358.  The larger discussion, one in which no decision was reached, was about what should be done with the fuel in the tanks.  Hickey stated that the Jet-A fuel is about eight years old.  The aviation gas was replenished in November. 

    Regarding the requested stop sign at Cuchara Street and South Birch, Trustee Dale Davis reported that he, Trustee Jim Fowler and Marshal Harold Wilburn studied the intersection and determined that the Town cannot erect a stop sign on a county road.  As a compromise, speed limit signs will be placed on the Town side of both streets.

    Bids for maintenance of La Veta trees were opened and will be referred to the Tree Board for their recommendations.

    Next meeting is April 1, no joke.