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Open Records request garners details of Daniels settlement with city

WALSENBURG — A Walsenburg citizen’s request for documentation from the City of Walsenburg regarding the settlement of Amanda Daniels’ civil rights violation lawsuit against the city was granted last week. City resident Lisa Boyd wrote to City Administrator David Johnston on July 7 saying, “Pursuant to the Colorado Open Records Act, please provide a copy of any document containing information as to the amount of the settlement of the civil action between Amanda Daniels and the city. Please advise if the settlement was approved by the city council, and the date of the meeting when that settlement was approved. If there is any recording of that meeting, please provide a copy of that document.” Johnston answered the following day saying, “Per your request, the signed release document is attached. This document is being furnished on July 8, 2015 at 11:20 a.m.” The release document, signed by Daniels on March 23, 2015, says, “The City shall cause to be paid on the Claimant the sum of thirty thousand dollars and no cents

($30,000). The settlement check will be made payable to ‘Amanda Daniels and Adam Schultz jointly and mailed to Mr. Schultz.” In agreeing to the settlement, Daniels was ordered by the court to take all steps necessary to complete a dismissal, with prejudice, her lawsuit (14-CV-01796-MSK). The settlement also confirms that individuals named in the suit, former WPD Chief James Chamberlain, Sgt. Hornsby, Sgt. Hibpshman and Lt. Liebchen were only sued in the lawsuit in their official capacities and therefore there was no allegation of personal wrongdoing by any of them. The settlement agreement also says Daniels acknowledges the City of Walsenburg denies liability or wrongdoing on their part and the release is between the City and Daniels only and is not to be construed, in any way, as an admission of liability, but is only a settlement done by the City for economic reasons.