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Only three weeks left with your old bed!

JMHS band program’s mattress fundraiser is right around the corner

by Ruth Orr

WALSENBURG — There are less than three weeks left until the John Mall band program brings a mattress store to town, so get ready to swap your old set of springs for a brand new, name brand mattress that has the added bonus of sending our kids to California. It’s a win-win for everyone!

‘But what exactly is a mattress fundraiser?’ you may ask. The concept, while perhaps strange, is actually pretty straight forward. Mattresses are made by companies that know what they’re doing, then are sold to mattress stores, who increase the prices and resell them to you when your back just can’t take your creaky old pile of misshapen foam anymore. Unfortunately, that middle man mark up tends to mean mattresses cost more than they really should.

That’s where this fundraiser steps in. The company that is partnering with our band program (Custom Fundraising Solutions) is bringing everything they’ve got, with mattresses, box springs, bases, luxury pillows, and more to Walsenburg for one day.  They’re setting up shop in the Daniels Building on Main Street (the old Unfug’s building) across from the courthouse, and then you the customer can come in and try out every bed in the store. Find what works for you, sink into that heavenly bliss, and place your order. The company relays it directly to the manufacturer, who ships out your mattress directly, meaning you get a brand new state of the art bed for a lot cheaper than you would going to a conventional store.

I can hear you now: ‘yes, but how does this benefit the band program?  How does this get our hard-working and talented students to Disneyland?’ Custom Fundraising Solutions will donate a percentage of the money they make during the sale back to the school.  The more mattresses (and bed accessories!) they sell, the more money the school gets. If you’re referred by a specific student, that student gets extra money on top of what would be donated for your purchase anyway to help cover their specific trip cost.

The band is hoping to sell 40 mattresses during this event, so if you have any desire to upgrade your sleeping digs and save money, all while supporting a fantastic cause, come down to the Daniels Building on Sunday, May 20, anytime between 10 and 5. We’ll see you there!