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Obituary- Steve Ranes

Steve Ranes
Steve Ranes walked into the light on Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013.
He is survived by his loving wife, Lynne, his children, Monica, Nanda, and Tawa, and his brother Chip.
He was a loving son-in-law to Lillian and grandfather to Mary, Wade and Gavin. He cherished and loved them all beyond words. Steve was a true Renaissance man. He had the vision to see the artistic or functional potential in the tiniest piece of material, believing that every object was created for a purpose. His talents encompassed many artistic mediums: architecture, painting, sculpture, gardening, and music and he readily shared these with everyone he met. When viewing another’s artwork, Steve was a masterful interpreter of art, providing insightful and heartfelt feedback, helping the artist to understand the expansive qualities of their artistic gestures. Steve was compassionate, sharing, and a good friend. We were lucky to have had him.