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Obituary- Jack Robert Estes

Jack Robert Estes

d. 12-21-2010

    Jack Robert Estes, 60, passed  away  December 21, 2010 at his home. He is survived by his parents, Robert and Dorris Estes of Gatesville, TX;  his brother Jim Estes and wife Diane of Fredericksburg, TX; his sister Chaplain Cathy Estes of Gatesville, TX;  extended family, including  aunts, uncles and cousins; and many, many friends.

    Jack lived an outdoor active life with his love of animals and nature revealing itself early in his life.  He earned his ranks through Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Eagle Scout, and completed the Philmont Trek. He also played football at his High School, and it was in his early years when he was diagnosed with Crohns Disease. He bravely fought through many attacks, operations, and surprised his doctors when he lived through them. His strong will to live continued until the end. 

    Jack wanted to be a Forest Ranger, but another serious operation prevented him from fulfilling his dream at  Stephen F. Austin School of Forestry in Nacogdoches, TX.  Jack’s illness also prevented him from using his amazing natural-born flying skills.  He came home and had spent so much time in the hospital that he got a job as a Respiratory Therapist at Parkland’s Children’s Hospital.  

    In the early 80’s Jack decided he would take control of his health with a natural and holistic approach, and go back to his beloved mountain village of La Veta, to “walk with God.”  There he would spend time in communion with God and nature through prayer and meditation.  He later had several surgeries, but he always depended upon God’s will and strength to help him recover, all to the doctors’ amazement. 

    Jack always stated that he had had a good life and wanted others to “kick back and take it easy.” Even though he was a very private person, Jack gave of himself to others, most often without recognition.  He organized a Cub Scout Troop.  He was a volunteer EMT and his experience in hospitals and his medical research and knowledge helped save many lives.  He also used his skills to assist in the fighting of several forest fires in Colorado.  Jack organized a food co-op  with other volunteer gardeners who donated fresh veggies and canned food, and sold them at  affordable prices for those who could not afford to eat without it.  Jack also managed the La Veta airport.  He also noticed a lot of the older people were burning used railroad ties in their fireplaces and the tar and creosote laden smoke and soot was stopping up their chimneys, and giving them respiratory  problems, so Jack started his own  chimney sweep company and saw that the chimneys were cleaned for them, usually at no cost.  He also was a board member of Lone Pine Foundation, a non-profit organization that assists those in need at this time of the year.

    Jack was spiritual and caring, and loved neighbors, animals, and nature.  Yet, he also loved his solitude, privacy, and peace.  Jack will certainly be missed, yet we are thankful that he is free from the pain of his health issues.  Jack’s deep faith gave him peace about the eternal life to come and he is now walking with God.   The family will host a Celebration of Jack’s Life on Sunday, January 16, 2011 at 2 pm at the La Veta Inn.  In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Lone Pine Foundation, PBS, local animal shelter, or hospice.