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Obituary Caren Louise Dressler-Klein

Caren Louise Dressler-Klein

Her loving, caring and sharing life was cut short on Sept. 22, 2009 in Lauderhill, Florida.

    She was born in Brooklyn, New York on  Dec. 29, 1951.  She grew up there and moved to Florida as a teen.  She loved her years in the Huerfano and hoped to retire here soon.

    She is survived by her mother, sister, brother and their families; cousin Jeff Gable formerly of Walsenburg; long-time loving friend, Randall Dressler and stepson Krisstofur P. Dressler.  She will be missed by all her friends in the Huerfano.

    In her memory, please pray for all humanity and for peace on earth, good will to all mankind.

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