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NWWD to reimburse for hydrant removal

by Carla Dolce
NAVAJO- At its regular meeting last Monday, the board of directors of Navajo Western Water District discussed reimbursement to residents who removed their outside frost-free hydrants in response to NWWD letters demanding they be removed. At a special meeting in June, the board rescinded the policy of removal allowing residents to keep their hydrants since removal is not required by state law. Amid jeers and shouting on both sides of the table, the board finally decided to add a notice to the next water bill advising residents to “notify NWWD by September 1 if you paid to have someone remove your frost-free hydrant.” After determining the total cost, the board will decide how to make the reimbursement – cash or a credit against future water bills. The board also discussed progress on applying for a bond of as much as $200,000 to replace two water tanks.

Trustee resigns position

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