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Northlands lands easement agreement may be close to being signed

WALSENBURG — After months and months of negotiations and a city council resolution allowing for legal condemnation and possible eminent domain proceedings on land principally owned by Dr. John Davis on the Star Ranch, it now appears a final settlement on the easement question has been reached. While negotiations between legal counsel for Davis and the City of Walsenburg have taken place in city council executive sessions, word has reached the Huerfano World Journal that an agreement between the parties could be announced in the next few weeks. Sources close to the issue said this week the item could be on a city council agenda for approval either sometime early in November or in December. Davis told the HWJ this week “I, and my Star Ranch partners, chose not to put the people in Northlands in any longer a period of hardship. We have decided to accept the city’s monetary settlement offer for the easement.” Davis said he has dealt with various land issues with the city dating back to 1988, and more recently felt the issue of the

easement for the Northlands sewer line was close to an amicable settlement when Larry Patrick was Walsenburg’s mayor. Davis said he could have fought any move by the city for condemnation or eminent domain, but that would have just dragged out the issue for months and cause hardship for the land and business owners in the Northland annex. “I really had no choice, but to accept the city’s offer,” Davis said. He said