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No marshal yet in La Veta

by Carol Dunn
LA VETA — The La Veta Police Committee finally made a selection for new marshal, just before the town board meeting on July 17. Unfortunately, the chosen candidate turned down the offer two hours before the board meeting began. Shaking his head, Trustee Bill Stark admitted, “It was a surprise.” Trustee Nancy Dick told the board, “We need some time to reappraise what’s going on.” Regarding another choice, Stark added, “We’re going to regroup and come back as soon as we can.”
Stark presented a written budget report to the Board, saying, “Revenues are approximately 3% ahead of expenses at this point. I suggest cautious optimism.”
The board passed Resolution 14-12, designating Laurie Erwin as election official and making her responsible for appointing election judges for the August 7 election. After the resolution passed, Erwin announced that she has selected four election judges, who will be paid $100 each for the long day’s work: Sandra Helwig, Sue Pezze, Myrna Falk and Eleanor Foley. Erwin told the board, “They are all very qualified judges and I have no doubt that they will run a fair election for the Town of La Veta.” To date, there are two candidates for town board trustee, Chip Kraynyk and Shane Clouse.
During the Francisco Fort Museum report, it was mentioned that Friends of the Fort will be sponsoring a parade in town on July 28. Mayor Jerry Fitzgerald said he is helping organize a “Get out and Vote” float.
On behalf of the tree board, Barb Kowalik reported that tree planting is finished for 2012. There was no response to the request for volunteers to help plant, so next year, the tree board will limit planting to the Arbor Day tree. If a homeowner requests a tree and is willing to help with planting, the tree board will then consider the request. During Kowalik’s report, Davis asked her to provide a list of homeowners who are not watering/and or taking care of the trees that were provided for them by the tree board.
Town Clerk Laurie Erwin reported that she has on her desk a 71-page report from Chris Manera with recommendations for the dam project. Erwin added, “Rob [Saint Peter] said, just read the first two pages – the rest will not make any sense.”
Regarding streets and alleys, Trustee Dale Davis mentioned that Blanca Telephone Company will need to come through town and straighten up some streets after the installation of fiber-optic cable is complete. “We’ll be getting with them as soon as they come around,” Davis said. He related that the company has been prompt in fixing any problem spots, for instance a soft spot near the library was fixed within twenty minutes of being called in. The fiber-optic project by Eagle Net is nearly finished in town. Davis said Eagle Net bored everything through town at 110-inches deep. The Blanca Telephone Company fiber-optic project has had some things slow it down. There was citizen comment at the start of the meeting about the ditch at Francisco and Birch Streets; it remains although the digging has been finished. Davis answered that the ditch serves a couple purposes: reducing dust in town; slowing down drivers on that street, and solving some drainage issues.
The board approved a liquor license renewal for La Veta Country Store at 200 N Main St. Erwin told the board, “They had one violation, and it was taken care of – that person no longer works there.”
There will be a public meeting about Poplar Street on July 23 at the La Veta Community Center at 2:30 pm. Town residents are encouraged to attend. Trustee Davis joked, “Bring your saws.”
It turns out that the historic railroad water tank that was recently erected in La Veta is too close to the tracks, and there are plans to move it back a few feet.

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