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No clues in WB woman’s disappearance

by Eric Mullens
WALSENBURG — Walsenburg police continue to investigate a missing person case but little information has been forthcoming according to authorities.
“We’ve had no calls and no further information,” said WPD Chief James Chamberlain Tuesday morning regarding the disappearance of 42-year old Rene Ramos. The police department issued a press release concerning the case on Thursday, August 9 which said: “On August 5, 2012, Rene Ramos was reported missing by family members. She was last seen in Walsenburg on July 28th or 29th, and did not report to work on Monday, July 30th. We have information she may have recently been in the Gunnison, Denver or Midway, Colorado area, but family members, friends and co-workers have been unable to reach her and are concerned about her well-being.”
Chamberlain said an unidentified person called the Cliff Brice store in Walsenburg, where Ramos works, on July 30, supposedly on behalf of Ramos, saying she would not be coming into work that day because she was going to Denver to visit her daughter. Information in the investigation shows that a note, believed to be in Ramos’ handwriting, was left on her uncle’s truck in Colorado Springs on July 29-30, saying she was going camping. Chamberlain s­aid Ramos’ daughter is currently housed in the Denver Regional Correctional Facility and he had no information that she had been there recently to visit her child.
Information about Ramos, her physical description and the make, model and license plate of her vehicle have been placed in the CCIC statewide crime information computer, but there hasn’t been any ‘hits’ on the missing person case. “We’ve looked high and low for her car,” Chamberlain said,”and it just isn’t anywhere to be found in the area.”
She was last known to be driving a 2004 silver Ford Taurus with Colorado Plate 060LNI. Chamberlain said Ramos’ license is currently under suspension for two refusals (i.e. motorist refusing a breath / blood alcohol test for suspected driving while intoxicated).
He said Ramos has had contact with local law enforcement in the past, but those incidents were minor ones that dealt with disturbing the peace, fighting or alcohol related driving offenses. The chief said he had, in the past, had contact with Ramos and said, “she was always nice and polite the times I dealt with her. It is very strange she would just, up and disappear,” Chamberlain added.
He said no information has been developed that indicated Ramos was troubled by anything nor is there any past pattern of behavior of her taking off for any given time without contacting her family. “Family members told us she usually calls her kids every day,” he said.
Chamberlain said anyone with any information concerning the case is urged to contact the Walsenburg Police Department at 719-738-1044.
Rene Ramos is 42 years old, and is approximately 5’3”, 170 lbs with brown hair and brown eyes.