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New names inscribed on monument

WALSENBURG- On Saturday, July 25, 2008, twenty-four miner names were engraved on the granite base of the Memorial honoring Southern Colorado miners. Mr. Miner proudly stands guard over the 1896 Jail Building, housing the Walsenburg Mining Museum.  The new miner names are: Pete Pavlik, Jack M. Lisac, John Quartiero, Roger Vigil, William “Bill” Walecheck, Joseph T. Zgut, Filomeno Baros, Tony Just, Antonio Acebo Gomez, Vigilio Stringari, Alfanso Feiccabrino, John Amidei, Tony Bonfiglio, Jess Cannon, Richard Cannon, Rafael Codina, Louie Montoya, George Judiscak, Mike J. Judiscak, William E. Warren, Frank P. Cruz, Sr., Duncan M. Russell, Jr., William B. Schafer III, and John Colnar, Jr.

    The 2006 Board of Trustees and 2006 County Commissioners are now engraved on the north wall of the Memorial.

    Names of men who worked in or owned a Southern Colorado mine will be added to the Memorial each year for $100 per name. The application form is available from the Walsenburg Mining Museum, P.O. Box 134, Walsenburg, CO 81089.

    The Board of Trustees lost three valuable board members/volunteer tour guides this year: Mary McIntyre, Jack Wynne and Albert Tomsic.  Fortunately, five new volunteers came to the rescue: John Carlson, Suellen Levy, Chris Landrum, Dorothy Mihanovich, and Jerry Skryznear.       

    The Walsenburg Mining Museum hosted over 75 guests from Pueblo’s Bessemer Historical Society. The tour featured the museum, the Courthouse and the railroad depot. Some of the guests returned to Walsenburg after the tour to spend more time in the County.

    In spite of rising gas prices, the visitor count at the museum is keeping pace with the 2007 season, but a notable exception – there are more Colorado visitors who claim to be making short day trips around Colorado.

    The special day in the east cell block features artifacts from the Alton M. Tirey bequest to the Huerfano County Historical Society. Betty Ridge, Carolyn Newman and Margaret Gleisberg have provided furniture and artifacts depicting life in the coal camps.

    Friday, August 15, from 4 – 7 pm has been set aside for the annual Ice Cream Social at Heritage Park.  Entertainment will be provided by the Huerfano Winds and Walsenburg Community Choir.  Tickets are available from board members, at the museum, and at the Ice Cream Social.