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My Mother’s Kitchen- Grandma’s Butter milk pie

Butter Milk Pie

by Missy Serra

My grandmother Jewel was an awesome cook, as were both of her girls. Grandma was always cooking for us, for church or something.  Because she baked a lot, her house always smelled delicious.  If you came over to visit her, she would expect you to eat cake or something else fresh from the oven, whether you were hungry or not.  I have a couple of church cook books that have my grandmother’s and my mother’s recipes in them.  My cousin Cindy has put together a cook book of her mother’s recipes  and I am trying to put one together of my mother’s.

I loved my grandmother so much.  Even though I was adopted, she never treated me any different than her biological grandchildren.  Some times,  I might have been a little more spoiled than my brother.  My grandmother had six children: two girls and four boys.  They are all gone now except the baby brother, my Uncle Larry.   He went on to be a minister in Springdale, Arkansas.  In doing research for a family tree, I discovered that my grandmother lived on the Choctaw Nation Indian Territory when she was six years old.  This was during  US census in the year 1900.  My uncle Larry  remembers my grandmother talking about living in the Indian Territory and how they were peaceful Indians.  She recalled when the Indians were traveling through OK to on their way to Texas.

My grandmother was a terrific example for me as she was a great Christian woman.  When I would think about doing something I should not do, I would simply need to think of my grandmother Jewel and how disappointed she would be in me, so I would do what I was supposed to, and try not to sin.  I was 22 when I lost my grandmother; she was 93.  My only hope is that I can become even half the woman she was.

Being from Texas, we made something wonderful called Butter Milk Pie.  We would make it every Thanksgiving and Christmas or just any holiday, because it was so delicious.  I remember making it with my Grandmother Jewel, my mother Bennie and my brother Mark.  Now I am hoping to pass this great tradition and recipe on to my kids.  I have four superb children that seem to like to cook and I want to make sure they realize where all the great recipes came from.  I want to make it fun in the kitchen for my kids like my grandmother and mother did for me.  My son Stephen, daughter Krissy and I make this yummy cake all the time.  Although my youngest son, Nikki,  is too little yet to cook much, he does likes to play in the dough and flour.  Here is our buttermilk pie recipe.

Butter Milk Pie

•  1 ¼ C Sugar

•  One stick butter

•  Three eggs

•  ½ C buttermilk

•  1 tsp lemon extract

Melt butter; add sugar, eggs, buttermilk, and lemon.  Pour in unbaked 9-inch pie shell.  Place in 350 preheated oven for 1 hour.  When pull out make sure it does not jiggle in the middle.