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Musings of Two Older Women Mar. 6

Editor’s note:  On Sunday Feb. 17th, Ruth Major’s family threw a Life Survivors’ Open House Party for her in honor of her 70th birthday.  It was open to the entire Huerfano  community, and was held at the United Methodist Church in Walsenburg.  It was not required to have had cancer to attend…. it was a celebration of life and living. The following are images taken from the events of that day.

Ruth and Greta’s

Survivors’ Party:

Memories reviewed.


• Greta enjoys rescue by doggie-lovers from premature death-by-hanging, tests doggie-snack gift, runs free to track down every crumb, teaches 3-year old caregiver that tiny dogs have opinions too.  Doggie-memories in the making.

• Little grand kids paint blue/green/pink fingernails on outrageous invitations.

• Reader head bands assembled with caring, creativity, giggles.

• Helpers shop, mop, sweep, carry, decorate, arrange, pick-up, wash dishes, put the hall back to rights, and appear when the time is right.

• Talented musician manifests morning of party and fills in with strong microphone, strong voice, tender heart.

• Puppy-dog balloons crafted by daughter, bright balloons stretched across the room by 6’2” grandson, baskets of snacks, local history books, writing and genealogical resources, topped off with adventure/survival motif.

• Grandma time in rocking chair with 10-month-old curly-haired brunette chunk.

• Children flocking to charismatic, talented and wise counselor-to-be.

• 150 green/yellow/pink peppermint patties, homemade sausage, chipotle cheese, tiny tortilla rounds, solid eating delights.

• Cards of wit and sentiment, meaningful mini-gifts mixed with love.


• Teenager released from hospital after vehicle accident faces tough love Grandma. “You are driving the car home.” “No.” We’ll stay here until you do!” Action bequests 50+ years driving.

• Housewife lost in wilds. Car sinks into puddle across road, driver fears spouse-anger and money-loss. Car OK. Again car sinks. “Help me, God!” It starts, spits out mud, takes her home.

• Home-crafted sugar Easter eggs, each with peek-hole accessing mini-land of beauty, delivered to 15 teachers by adolescent daughter. Unique eggs compared to exterior and intricate complexities of daughter.

• A strong-in-faith woman experiences near-death, escapes death, conquers trials, becomes Granny-to-Many as Foster Mother.

• Octogenarian extols tea at neighbor’s home with small sincere hostess.

• Dramatization of personal dinosaur adventure written by 7-year-old grandson, with all living happily ever after.

• Big sister puzzles about dinosaur obsession. Conclusion: it is impossible to understand workings of male mind.

• Testimony to value of writing and writing group.


• Frail octogenarian belts out original humorous and touching composition, closing with bass crescendo rocking the rafters.

• Original recorder tunes, piano melody, cute folk song by grand-daughter of 10.

• Diminutive child of Hawaiian-descent sings her repertoire with hip sync and mega volume.

• Older gentleman serenades long-time friend/elder woman with “their” song of introduction years ago.

Photo albums reviewed:

• 1960 wedding photos document innocents starting 43 year path not having a clue.

• Grandparents, Mom, and 2 male adolescents explore new home country, southwestern Colorado.

• The end of a 20-year CU secretarial career.

     Lights out! 70 candles light up the darkened room nearly devastating  rich chocolate cake. Write on, Mom! Saved by six simultaneous sweeping blows delivered with gusto by kids. Lights on!

     Memories for Future Reverie: Jot down your memories– for warming the heart on a cold day and descendants down the road.