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Music Notes for November 26, 2009


By Mary-Ann Brandon

    Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn′t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn′t learn a little, at least we didn′t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn′t die; so, let us all be thankful.     [A quote attributed to Buddha]

    Amen brother! 

    For music in our lives let us all be especially thankful.  This seems like a given but try to imagine your life without it?  Try to imagine a funeral without “Amazing Grace” or a wedding without “Here Comes the Bride”.  Think of the bride walking down the isle to the sound of silence.  (And I’m not talking Simon and Garfunkel) 

    For all the people in Huerfano County who have committed themselves to the advancement of music in the area, let us be grateful.  It’s hard to convey how hard it has gotten out there for people who make their living playing music, but if you don’t believe me ask anyone who does just that.  Between the cost of gasoline, inflation, recession, dwindling CD sales and internet music piracy, it’s amazing that anyone can even make a living in this business.  Still, there are many people who believe in the importance of supporting music and for those people I give heartfelt thanks.

    There are folks who keep professional musicians working on a regular basis.  They are the folks at the Blue Rooster, the Dog Bar and the La Veta Inn and all the folks who hire musicians for functions.

    There are the people in the area who have opened their homes up for house parties.  We shoudn’t forget the tireless efforts of the Spanish Peaks Alliance for Art and Education and all the volunteers who have helped to fulfill the vision of having a world class Celtic Music Festival in our area.  There are the people who put on the Plaza de Los Leones Fiesta in Walsenburg, the organizers of Oktoberfest, the folks who put on Hippie Days and Open Mic. shows and all the others who contribute to making life better for all of us, one song at a time.

    On this Thanksgiving, I want to take time to thank all the musicians, singers and songwriters. They practice their craft for countless hours, show up and often have to suffer great indignities in the form of ignorance, underpay and sometimes, even no pay.  They soldier on for the love of what they do.  But like I said, just try to imagine your life without them.  Think of how much fun you would have holding someone close and slow dancing to the soundtrack of a football game?  For you, who support these people, I give thanks.

    Finally, I want to thank the Huerfano Journal for this opportunity to talk with you all about one of the great passions of my life.  I’m particularly grateful for those who take the time to read what I have to say….

    Happy Thanksgiving!