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Music Notes for Jan 07, 2009

By Mary-Ann Brandon

    Happy new year everyone.  It’s a slow news week for music, so, instead of telling you about some wonderful recording artist, I thought I’d take this opportunity to remind everyone that the Huerfano Journal is offering to provide an entertainment listing that will serve to inform the community when there are shows in the area.  How does this work, you ask?  Well, let’s say you are a promoter of a show, or the actual artist who will perform, or  you are the owner of the venue where the concert will take place, you can contact the Journal and give them the pertinent details.  These details should include 1. Who is performing.  2. Date of show. 3. Time of show.  4. Price of tickets or door cover charge  5. Any other information that is pertinent to the artist.  As a complement to this listing, I want to do my part to help promote music in the area.  If you will let me know, at least a couple of weeks in advance, I will gladly write about artists in my column.  All it takes is information, but without your cooperation we will have no way to know what is planned.  We hope that in the future, people will be able to use the listing as a tool when planning events to help avoid overlap with competing events.

    To give an example of how the entertainment listing will work, I’m going to use a portion of this past week’s schedule for La Veta’s own, Boogie Woogie king and master of sarcasm, Ken Saydak.  Hypothetically, this would have run a couple of weeks ago and you would have had time to schedule your travel plans to allow you to attend his shows.  The listing would look something like this…


Who:  Ken Saydak with Nick Moss and Lurrie Bell

When:  Wednesday, 12/30/09  

Where:  The Toad Tavern, Littleton, Colorado

Time: ? or TBA

Tickets ? or TBA

Notes:  Classic Chicago Blues

Who:  Ken Saydak with Nick Moss and Lurrie Bell

When:  Thursday, 12/31 09

Where:  Silverado Resort, Winter Park, Colorado


Tickets:  (as you can see, if you don’t have all the info, that’s o.k. too, we’ll print as much information as we have.)


    FYI:  I just got off the phone with Ken who reports that the shows were great and he’s on his way back home, to La Veta, not Estes Park! 

    This is just an example but we can’t publicize any shows that we don’t know about, so if you are an artist, musician, promoter or venue owner, we need to hear from you.

    To contact the Journal, report an upcoming show or to get in contact with me personally, please send your e-mail to:

    We look forward to helping the entire performance community grown in 2010.  With a concerted effort, we hope to put Huerfano County on the map, not only as a destination for scenic beauty, but also a place where people can find high quality entertainment. 

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