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Museum of Friends Courthouse Show: Kathy Hill

LA VETA- Kathy Hill is this week’s featured artist from the ongoing Museum of Friends Courthouse show.

    Hill and her family moved to Huerfano County from Pinewood Springs in Larimer County after selling their travel agency in Longmont in 1993. They sought to get away from the urbanization of Northern Colorado, plus theywanted to move farther south. After looking in Northern New Mexico, a realtor from Trinidad led us to their first home in Huerfano County. They moved to La Veta in 1996.

     Hill definitely feels her art production has been enhanced by living here.  She says, "Our first home here was in Pinon Hills Estates and we had an awesome unobstructed view of the Spanish Peaks. This was where I first began painting "full time", since I had worked at other jobs ever since I graduated from college. In addition, I was encouraged to take watercolor classes with Margie Bradley. It was that experience that brought me back to watercolors, after having painted in acrylics for about 30 years."

    She says the environment of Huerfano County has been a benefit to her art production, " I love to paint the local scenery. This has benefited me in that visitors have purchased my work and this has encouraged me to keep painting the scenery."

    Hill has been part of the Spanish Peaks Arts Council (SPACe) for the past 10 years, currently serving as president.  She has also been on the Board of Director and Chair of the Gallery and Exhibition Committee, whih plans the yearly schedule of shows at the SPACe Gallery.

    Her exquisitly detailed paintings of local scenery are sought after by tourists and locals alike.  She describes her work, "As we experience the world around us, we often hold onto fleeting moments we remember more as feelings than how things really looked.  In my work, I strive to capture these moments, enhancing the feelings with expressive colors, yet retaining the reality of the scene."    

    Finally the Jounral asked, "Would you encourage other artists to move here?

If so, why?" and she responded, "Yes, if they don′t need the urban environment. You have to want to get away from hustle and bustle and not need a lot of activity to be happy here. There are a lot of artists and creative, independent thinking people here, as well as abundant subject matter (unless you prefer the ocean, palm trees, and marine life)"

    To see and learn more about Hill’s work, stop by the courthouse to see the entire exhibit. You may also see more of Hill′s work at her website as well,