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Museum of Friends Courthouse Show: Joan Hanley

LA VETA- Joan Hanley is this week’s featured artist from the ongoing Museum of Friends Courthouse show.

    Hanley first saw Huerfano County nearly 20 years ago while driving Hwy 12 with her husband.  A few years later, she made the drive again, and within an hour made an offer on property.  She says, “My heart and will had finally yielded to the gravitational pull of the Spanish Peaks.”  

    In 2003, Joan Hanley Fine Art Gallery opened its doors on Oak Street, and in 2006, she formed a co-op of local artists on Main Street establishing the La Veta Fine Art Gallery, which operates as a partnership offering a variety of artistic disciplines such as painting, sculpture, glass, pottery, jewelry and photography.

    There has been a lot said about drawing from the artist within. We all have an inner consciousness that is there, whether remembered or not. My paintings at the Huerfano County Courthouse reflects the stages of development when we all crawled and saw the world from a different perspective. The deja-vue large cutout of a chair, places the horizon line under the chair the way a pre-toddler would see the world.        

    Go to Extra! Extra! at to  learn more about Hanley’s work, and stop by the courthouse to see the entire exhibit.