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Museum of Friends Courthouse Show: Jim Robieson

HUERFANO- Jim “Robi” Robieson is this week’s featured artist from the ongoing Museum of Friends Courthouse show. 

    He says, “Too bad I have to write something on the subject of my "Art." If asked to expound on the economy, politics, history, geography, philosophy, the weather… I could do yeoman′s duty. But art and especially my art is a total mystery to me.  Someone said all art comes out of anxiety.  I believe this to be partially true however, one must ask, where did what we moderns call art begin?  Did it begin in Mesopotamia with the little feminine stone "fetishes?"  Was the art of the cathedrals art or was it propaganda?  I just can′t get a handle on even the definition of art much less expound on "my art."  Is art therapy?  For whom, the artist or the observer?  I think art should be, if not encouraged at home, at least not discouraged.  Let the kids fool around with all sorts of materials.  Soon your place will be filled with art. You will then not need an art column in the paper.”

    If you have not done so already, stop by the courthouse to see the entire exhibit as it will be up for only a couple more weeks.  Then make a point of visiting the Museum of Friends itself, located above Duckwalls at 6th and Main in Walsenburg.  Hours are Monday through Thursday 3 to 5 and Saturday noon to 5, or call 719-738-2858 to book a tour.