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Museum of Friends Courthouse Show: Ben Eagle & Reba Lee Savageau

WALSENBURG-  Reba Lee Savageau and Ben Eagle are this week’s featured artists from the ongoing Museum of Friends Courthouse show.

    Reba Lee Savageau moved to Walsenburg because it is like the village that she grew up in in northern Minnesota.   

    Savageau says, “I love my local dwelling and the relative peacefulness of Walsenburg.  The beauty of the region is very satisfying.”  Her lively landscapes of our area glow with color and dramatic contrasts of light and shadow. Trees seem to throb with life force, and odd angled old buildings reveal their histories and the lives that inhabited them.

    She has been working as a professional artist for 20 years, and has  sold paintings through various galleries in New Mexico Texas and Colorado. Her work will be in a show at the Savageau Gallery, 137 West 10th, in Denver beginning May 29th, She thanks the Museum of Friends for inviting her to participate.

    Eagle,  originally from DC Virginia near the Potomac River, arrived in Huerfano in 1971, on his way to Canada on horseback.  He came over Mosca Pass, and says, “You can’t stay in the high country in the winter, so I figured it would be a good place to winter over.  I made it as far as Grand Junction and turned back.  I kinda liked the area.  Can you think of a better place to be?”

    Eagle’s Zen influenced work is microcosmic, the core of nature, so while he says it could be anywhere, he paints better in a healthy environment.  He goes to New York often on business, but only paints here, where “the environment is just pristine, very unspoiled.”