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MOON TALK – Full Moon in Sagittarius: May 20, 2008

by Kristen Farquhar

Astro Alchemy

    When we look to the moon in her fullness we are reminded of the many times we have looked up and been amazed at the beauty of the night sky.  Always, throughout time, in all cultures around the world, the full moon symbolizes a completion of sorts; the month is ending and a new one is to begin. The flow of life is understood, if only for moments, when we tune to the moon.  Seeds planted during May’s new moon now have a chance to breathe, not to root and or to sprout, but to be infused with the Fire of Life that is alive in all things.  May’s full moon is in the constellation of Sagittarius, and the element is Fire.         

    Alchemy: Water and Fire are not harmonic – one can put the other out.   So how do we balance the two? We can warm the water (emotions) with the fire (life-force), and thus expand our emotional experiences. The Fires of Sagittarius are super-conscious (third of the fires on the Zodiac) and are all about philosophies, religion, and higher learning.  Two of Sagittarius’ archetypes are the Teacher and the Traveler.  It is a good moon to explore and communicate your truth, but be open to the truth of others as theirs is just as valid as your own.