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MOON TALK for Jan 3, 2008

 New Moon in Capricorn: Jan. 8, 2007

by Kristen F.N.


    The seeding time is here again with the dark phase of January’s new moon.  Time to plant, time to create new perspectives on how you think you ‘fit’ or do not ‘fit’ in society.  They can be good seeds for tomorrow’s new day.   We will take care to cultivate these seeds to blossom when the full moon rises January 22, 2008.  This new moon is in the element of earth in the constellation of Capricorn.        

Alchemy: Water and earth are harmonic.  The moon’s watery emotions will find the river down the mountain although it may be rocky.  Leave those judgments behind.  In other words: Let it flow.  Don’t get weighed down with feelings of imperfection (Capricorn).  The teachings of Capricorn also remind us to respect our elders and pay attention to authority.  River rock is smooth and skips water with ease and grace.