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Moon Talk for Feb 21

Full Moon in Virgo:

February 21, 2008

by Kristen F.N.

The fullness and completion of this February Moon began with the new moon seeds of Aquarius, and the high ideals of the humanitarian. These ‘seeds,’ and the fruit they bear, will go far during this full moon time for they are eclipsed. This full moon is in the constellation of Virgo, and the element is Earth. Virgo is The Alchemist of Earthly Medicines; one who must continually be aware of morality. (The archetype of the Virgin is misunderstood, and therefore not used.) Water is harmonic with Earth.

Alchemy: The moon’s emotions are harmonic in Virgo’s earth. Like river over rocks, like blood in our bodies and bones, overall it is a non-stressful relationship; however, it is what we put into the rivers, into our blood, and into our bodies that describes health and well being. Health is an issue with this moon, not only is it about our own individual health, it is about the well being of our entire planetary family and the Earth.