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Mobile eye exams coming to southern Colorado

A new optometry service is available in southern Colorado. Eye Deliver, a division of Valley EyeCare, with Dr. Anna O’Brien, will now travel to homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes to provide comprehensive eye exams. The new mobile optometry service is believed to be the first of its kind in the region.    According to O’Brien, often physical limitations prevent seniors from leaving their home or care facility. Other times, they don’t want to burden someone with driving them to appointments. Whatever the reason, Dr. O’Brien says Eye Deliver is now available to southern Colorado seniors so they can protect their vision, regardless of their limitations—because Eye Deliver comes directly to the patient.    Dr. O’Brien, who also operates Valley Eye Care in Colorado City, CO, says Eye Deliver plans to bring their service directly to homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Additionally emergency eye exams for minor injuries or infections are also available through the service. According to the doctor, most seniors on Medicare will receive this service at no out of pocket cost.  Having grown up in Pueblo, CO, Dr. O’Brien is familiar with the area and is confident in her new mobile service. After serving time in the Air Force, Dr. O’Brien attended optometry school and later served as an Army optometrist. A lover of the Greenhorn Mountains, she has recently returned to southern Colorado to raise her three children in the Greenhorn Valley Community.   Additional information about Eye Deliver can be obtained by calling 719-676-3937 or emailing