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Man on Main St for February 11, 2010

Pardon the Interruption?

LA VETA- There’s a sports cable program on ESPN called “Pardon the Interruption” that features two dudes who take turns bashing each other while the clock ticks away.  It is not a fun event to watch.  It  reminds me of the recent evening when a couple of hundred concerned citizens gathered to learn how La Veta’s Board of Trustees might deal with the closing of Grandote Peaks Golf Course.

     Mayor Schmidt had laid down ground rules that the only subject up for discussion was the closing of Grandote Peaks.  Scott Medsker and wife Tammy, owner of La Veta Inn asked permission to speak, but were declared out of bounds and out of order.  Damn.  I would have liked to hear what they had to say.

    You see, when I drive down into La Veta and cross the railroad tracks, my first vision is of La Veta Inn and I find myself wondering how things are proceeding with the sale of La Veta Inn.   

    Which is:  What’s going on with La Veta Inn?  I called upon Scott and Tammy this past week and was rewarded with their own personal review of the situation.  Scott confessed he had carefully researched the subject and had been prepared to make a serious point about La Veta’s future.      When he was denied the opportunity to make his point, he quietly sat back down.

    What a tragic circumstance.  Here’s a couple who have poured heart and soul and a considerable amount of money into their venture.  The La Veta Inn is a superb dining facility and a handsome collection of rooms and suites that many have enjoyed over the years.  As the economy flattened, it became more and more difficult to make a living and so, with great reluctance, Scott and Tammy decided to wave the white flag and see if they could find a new owner that would free up their future.

    In Texas Hold ‘em Poker, there is a point in the contest when a fellow declares “I’m all in.”

    And folks, that is precisely where we find Scott and Tammy today.  They’re all in.  There is no backing out for them.

    Following that Tuesday evening disappointment, they rallied and opened a special site on Facebook, a group called Spanish Peaks Community Forum.  They produced an outstanding video that very eloquently profiles the future they envision for this wonderful place in Southern Colorado.  To their astonishment, within a matter of days, there were 70 people who signed in and offered their own constructive suggestions.  Allow me to commend the site to one and all.

    Here’s the deal.  Scott and Tammy have arranged their schedule and are making it possible for people to still have a wonderful dinner Thursdays through Saturdays and they do it because they feel obligated to take care of those of us who live here when the snow is up to our hips.  The very least you can do is go in some evening soon.  Have a great dinner and then shake Scott’s hand and hug Tammy for caring enough to hang in there while we all work our way through a difficult time.

    Visit Facebook and offer your friendship and support to the Spanish Peaks Community Forum. Scroll all the way to the bottom, click on older posts and go all the way down.  

    Someone once left me with a phrase that seems quite appropriate right about now.

    This is a time to trust your hopes and not your fears.

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