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Localvores- buying and eating locally



    A couple of months ago, we talked about the importance of buying locally- supporting your friends and neighbors here in Huerfano County, or in immediately adjacent areas.  We’d like to expand on that idea, and make it easier for all of us to act upon this.  We will be publishing a list of all the local producers of products, goods and services that are available here in Huerfano County.

     If you- or someone you know- grows, makes or produces something of interest to other Huerfanos, contact us with your name, phone number and service, and we’ll get it in.  The listings will be free.  We will also periodically update this list, and keep it posted on our website.

    In this tough economic climate it makes sound financial and moral sense for us to support each other.  So, help us to help us all.

                                                    Gretchen and Brian