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Local man dies of wounds

by Brian Orr
HUERFANO — During the late morning hours on Wednesday, January 16, sheriff’s deputies and emergency services personnel were called to a rural Huerfano County residence regarding a possible gunshot wound. Responders located a residence on what is known as Starbuck Road, several miles east of Walsenburg, the home of Daniel Hughes and his wife.
Upon arrival at the home, deputies found 53-year old Daniel Hughes lying on the ground next to the home. It appeared he had a single gunshot wound to the chest. He was unresponsive.
Several guns were found around him, along with rags and cleaning items. Both rifles and pistols were around him, but it is not known from which he received the shot. His wife, who was inside the home at the time of the shot, covered him with a blanket while waiting for the ambulance personnel. She said she heard a shot, but did not witness the incident.
Ambulance personnel arrived at the scene and Huerfano County EMS Director Sherry Mann, a paramedic, examined Hughes and pronounced him dead. The Huerfano County Coroner, Della Duran, was notified and that office has initially determined from the items at the scene and interviews that the death was attributed to an accidental, self- administered gunshot wound. It is unknown what funeral arrangements are pending.