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Letters to the Editor

Guest editorial: Lisa Grace Kellogg

by Edi Sheldon

    The letters to the editor in the Oct. 7 and 14 editions of the Huerfano World Journal reveal that there are others in this county who are feeling strongly about this election.  The mud slinging and negative advertising is worse than ever and doesn’t give any of us the ability to really analyze what candidates stand for and how they would represent our interests if elected to their respective posts. 

    Our primary concern is how our state legislative candidates will represent us in Denver, and whether they will take our phone calls and keep their doors open to listen to our needs.  

    During my term as Mayor I tried to serve my community in a non-partisan manner as Municipal elections are non-partisan. Other elected seats are mostly party based.  There is a candidate that no one seems to know a great deal about.  Literature distributed by her talks about her background, and espouses what she would work toward, but not what she knows about the critical issues facing our county.  The signs this candidate has erected are nicely done and colorful, but that doesn′t give us any information.  The truth is, it would be nice if all of us who live and work here knew that we had a local representative in the state legislature who would represent our needs and concerns.

    I think by now you know who I am talking about, Lisa Kellogg. 

    I have met Lisa, but don′t have any idea what her platform is or how she thinks on issues concerning this area, and there are several important ones on the table.  I asked her on the phone to let me interview her, but she declined.  The only things she did relate to me were that she felt the publishers of this paper did not like her and were biased and would edit my interview to reflect their bias. 

    I spoke to the county Republican Chairman, Dick Chenault who informed me that he also felt this paper was biased and would edit my interview to suit their bias.  He also stated that he did not believe Lisa would need to carry Huerfano County to win the House District 62 seat, and that Republicans never win in Huerfano County. 

    Well, maybe they don′t win all the time, but I am a Republican and I have won two of three Huerfano County races.  Huerfano County voters elected Republican Roger Cain to serve as County Commissioner in County District 1. 

    So one can assume getting elected depends on the candidate getting the message out about what one stands for and how s/he intend to represent the people. 

    You can be sure that when election time rolls around, many voters will be thinking about the pretty signs as opposed to the candidate who shows up at events to which they are invited and takes every opportunity to visit with the constituency.  We need to know our representatives personally. 

    The newspaper interview would have been recorded and any questions resulting from the interview could refer back to the recording for clarification.  Maybe Lisa and Dick do not think this is necessary, but as a voter, I do and my vote counts.  

Wes McKinley for State Rep, says former


    Let me begin by saying that to date I have always voted for a Republican ticket and for the most part will continue to do so.  However, establishment status-quo politics on both sides of the aisle have for too long been the problem, not the solution to any of the problems which face our state or great nation.

    As many of you are probably aware, I ran for election of the District 64 House in 2006 against Wes McKinley.  I learned a lot through the process and have seen first hand how the political game is played… and it is not pretty.

    Lately I have heard several negative ads on the radio that I personally find shameful.  It never ceases to amaze me how polluted and muddy politics can get. Of all the candidates running for office Wes McKinley is one of the few that has not resorted to mud slinging tactics.  He has put his faith in his voting record and the ability of his constituents to use their common sense, research the issues and ignore the blatant mistruths in these recent ads.  What does that tell you about the man’s character?

    Wes McKinley has a proven track record of fighting for and protecting our rural way of life.  He has attempted to do or done what he promised on the campaign trail four years ago, often breaking from his own party to do so. 

    He has fought against the army’s use of eminent domain as a means to take private property in the Pinon Canyon expansion. 

    A house ethics committee has cleared him of the alleged sexual harassment charges filed against him. 

    He is for the second amendment and against government run health care. 

    Most importantly he understands the importance of heritage and introduced several pieces of legislation that help protect the heritage we hope to leave our children and grandchildren.

    As far as I can tell Wes McKinley has been a man of his word, he has fought hard for Southeastern Colorado and that’s why this election he is getting my vote for State House Representative.

~John & Renee Albright

La Veta, Colorado

McKinley listens to us and acts on it

    Wes McKinley…the name brings to mind the face and voice of a patriot; a statesman who has worked hard to protect our rights in southern Colorado since his first term as our Representative. This man has listened to us, and has acted on what he has heard. 

    You ask, “Has he really done anything for us?” Yes, he has.  Wes has his voting record to prove that fact.  His website has a list of things he has done for us, and they are good things.  The things Wes has accomplished while in office are things we are proud of.

    Why would we vote for anyone else, when Wes McKinley has already proved that he will stand up for the communities and people of southeastern Colorado?  We know he will fight for our Constitutional rights, we know he is more than qualified for the job, and we know all this because he has proved himself to be an honest man of integrity who does what he says he will do.  And by the way, he is one of us.

As a Republican, I urge you to vote for the man, not your political party.            Vote Wes McKinley State Representative District 64.

~Ashley Burk                                                                                                                     Aguilar, CO

Questions for Kellog

    If Ms. Kellogg were one of us….

•   She would have never walked out during her opponent’s speech.

•   She would have never RSVP’d that she would attend an event and then back out when she found out her opponent was going to be there.

•   She would have never missed an “all candidate” forum just because her opponent was attending.

•   She would have never moved the publishing office of the “saved” Huerfano County World newspaper to southern California costing Huerfano County jobs.

    Questions for Ms. Kellogg:

    1. If you spend the majority of your time here in Colorado and not in California, then please prove it.  Can the citizens of District 64 please see your State Tax Returns for both states for 2009?

    2. If you breed Rocky Mountain horses here in Huerfano County, then why aren’t you listed as a breeder of Rocky Mountain horses in Colorado?  Can you please prove that you own horses here in Colorado?  Branding Inspector would have to give you the papers for each horse.  Can we please see those?

    I think that these are legitimate questions to ask of a person who would like our vote and claims that she lives HERE when her business and main residence (and husband!) are in California.

~Shelley Quartiero

To the Huerfano

Democratic Party

    It is such a shame that you don′t have enough faith and confidence in your candidates that you stoop to stealing and defacing the opposition′s political signs.  I have written before when Republican signs had been destroyed and taken from our property to let you know that it is a criminal offense to trespass on private property and it is a Federal offense to deface political signs of any party. 

    You continue to take down Ken Buck′s signs.  We have replaced at least 20 signs that you have either stolen or thrown into the trees.  STOP IT NOW!! 

    Democratic officers, let your people know how disrespectful and stupid they are to stoop to stealing and defacing any political signs.  Cheaters don′t usually win!

 ~Mary Copeland


Vote no on 60, 61, 101

    I am writing to urge citizens of Colorado to vote no on propositions 60, 61 and 101.  These propositions are backed by Douglas Bruce who was behind the Tabor amendment in Colorado Springs.  If passed they would cripple local and state governments by cutting tax revenues.  We are recovering from a serious recession, and don’t want to further slow our recovery by amending our state constitutions to support these propositions.

    Amendment 60 promises to lower property taxes.  However, the consequences are dire.  Our schools would lose over one billion dollars in funding a year. Our libraries, fire departments, and police departments would be dependent on the state for funding in the future.  The language in the amendments suggests that the states would be responsible for filling in the deficits, but where would they get the money?   Our state budgets are already stressed due to the national economy, and lowering property taxes may sound good, but would bankrupt our states and put our vital services funding at risk.

    Amendment 61 also puts Colorado’s fragile economic recovery at risk.  It eliminates Colorado’s ability to build and repair roads, hospitals, college buildings, water and sewer, prisons and other vital infrastructure.  The proponents suggest that they are going to limit “government borrowing” when in fact they are referring to doing away with state bonding and local bonding. 

    Bonding is a way of funding local infrastructure such as schools, prisons, water projects and many others.   This amendment would make it difficult or state and local governments to issue bonds. 

    To be continued next week

~ Ginny Carlson


Open Letter to Mayor Don Keairns

    As per our discussion towards the end of last night’s Town Board meeting on October 18th, after asking you numerous times, you finally admitted that you have stayed after a posted meeting was adjourned and discussed town issues.  I do not contend that it is a violation of the Sunshine Law to do so, but my concerns with your actions last night are that they were hypocritical and deceptive.  You chastised your fellow board members for doing something that you yourself have done, but you did not own up to your own behavior.  

    I want to know if your assertions are based on your personal research and interpretation of the Sunshine Law, or if you relied on the Signature’s article.  Better yet, did you seek legal counsel?  If the information came from the town attorney, I would like a copy of his communication that states exactly what question was posed to him and what his response was.

    As you and I were discussing this issue last night, Klinke, as he is prone to do, kept inserting himself into the conversation.  He tried to stop you from answering my question and tried to advise you that you were not required to answer my questions.  I beg to differ and I think it important for Klinke and you to understand that you are accountable to the public and citizens have every right and duty to ask questions of their elected officials.  In light of that, I will be asking a lot more questions in the future and would appreciate open and transparent communication without interference from Klinke.  

    In summary, I suggest Mayor Keairns, that you run an honest, open government and start by acknowledging that you have engaged in the same behavior for which you chastised the other Board members.  Your condemnation last night was disingenuous as best.   And I suggest you review the Sunshine Law so that you are familiar with what it truly entails.

~Jesse Yarbrough

La Veta

Papers should take care to be objective

    Feelings are very hot right now regarding the recall petition on La Veta town trustee, Dawn Blanken.  Because of that I think that both local papers need to be extra careful to be objective.  Last week the World Journal headlines read “Recall Petition for Dawn Blanken Misfires,” which led me to believe that it failed.  I wish.  The “misfire,” it turns out, was only a temporary technical glitch.  Meanwhile, The Signature wrote an article listing numerous charges against Blanken, which I thought gave the impression of fact, not opinion.  In addition, it appeared that Blanken, who said she was unaware of specific charges, was not given the chance to respond to each one specifically.  That, too, can give the impression of journalistic bias. 

~Jonathan James

The hare for recall hounds

    How sad that the divisive effort and energy and hate that currently pervade our community couldn′t have been channeled toward annexing the golf course area according to legal procedures instead of being focused on hard working Town Board member Dawn Blanken who diligently researches and studies and considers the issues in all fairness.  She has been made the hare for the recall hounds.     ~Mary Jean Fowler

Recalls nasty business

    Dawn Blanken is nothing if not an honest, forthright, intelligent and diligent La Veta Town Board member.  Her motivation is strictly to serve, and she has the moral fiber to stand by her convictions.  I have the utmost respect and gratitude for her efforts on La Veta’s behalf.

    Recalls are nasty business.  They are a safety valve for the removal of elected officials who demonstrate gross incompetence, illegal or criminal behavior.  They are purposely difficult to pull off precisely to prevent frivolous attempts to remove those whose opinions you just don’t like and bald attempts to affect the balance of power.

~Judy Cisney

Recall is really about annexation

Editors of the Huerfano World Journal and The Signature:

    Dawn Blanken must be recalled because her agenda is to protect the town of La Veta from an illegal takeover of our water and financial resources.

    Those who want the other half of the golf course to be annexed (half is already annexed) without following the requirements stated simply in the town ordinances and state statutes, will vote for this recall so they can get someone in there who will allow annexation without legal requirements.

    Those who only read The Signature, thus only get one side of the story, will vote for this recall.

    Those who believe the false accusations against Dawn Blanken will vote for this recall.

    I am in favor of a legal annexation of the golf course.  I know that almost all, if not all, of those against this recall want a legal annexation too.  Dawn Blanken has stated she is in favor of a legal annexation.

    None of us is against “growth” or “business” – we favor them!  My one worry is that we in the town will have to come up with water or money that we do not have.  The statutes provide for those in procedures meant to protect us, the citizens. Let’s follow the statutes.


    The web address for the town of La Veta requirements for annexation, adopted in 1983, is – on the left go to Municipal Code and then to Title 17.

    Please read these and please come to the town board meetings the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month and see for yourself the job Dawn Blanken is doing.

~ Charleen Coffey

La Veta

Don’t plot, get a massage

    My home is outside town limits, but my business is located in the center of town.  Even though I can’t vote on town issues, I care deeply about La Veta and the infrastructure that needs to exist so we can conduct day to day business. 

    Dawn Blanken has been helpful to us over the past four years as we’ve dealt with seemingly mundane but important issues like paving Ryus Avenue, parking, safety and so on.  She is one of the most ethical people I know and she works tirelessly and devotedly for the well-being of all citizens. 

    It is painful to watch her have to go through this mean-spirited recall process with a potential lawsuit looming overhead.  

    Instead of spending time, energy and financial resources nitpicking what may or may not have happened in the past, imagine how much we could do for the town if we spent that same energy to support existing local businesses! 

    In these tough times, let’s not blame Dawn for all of our economic woes.  It’s time to work together, like the coalition building the new Cuchara Resort and the great deeds being done across the region by the Volunteers for Change.  

    Schedule a massage instead of another meeting plotting to overthrow well intentioned, hard working individuals. 

~Linda Frederick

La Veta

Sour grapes…

    So five people created a petition asking for a costly recall of one of our volunteer board members.  Three of those five have not participated in our elections as candidates, and two have.  Of the two that have run, and lost, one received 127 and the other 76, of our votes.  Both of these two spoke out strongly with a pro business voice during the public meet-the-candidates gathering I attended prior to the election.

    The recall cites the contention that Trustee Blanken has a personal agenda and is anti-business.  She received 204 votes in the election which she won.  The obvious agenda of the two losers seems to be the opposite of what they see as the winner′s views.  That is what "election" means; we hope we have viable candidates with differing views from which to choose.  We chose.

    Charlie′s has some really nice, sweet grapes in the produce isle… I highly recommend them.

~Roderick House

Dear Editor,

    Enough already!  I meant to write this letter months ago and just kept hoping things would calm down.  The tone of the national politics of personal destruction does not have to filter all the way to La Veta.  Let the voters choose their representatives and abide by their votes, isn’t that the way it works?  I do not approve of every vote taken but I recognize the authority we have given our board members in elections to make those votes.  I do not approve of personal attacks on any elected official.  We are better than that.  I do support all our town board members regardless of whether I voted for them or not.  I served on the La Veta School Board and I am very conscious of the courage needed to put yourself out there in an elected position.  I commend Dawn Blanken and the other members for representing me and will continue to support them.  Continuous actions can only hurt La Veta.  We are a tourist town , right?

~Eleanor Foley

La Veta

We are stronger standing together

    I have been shocked and deeply saddened by the latest headlines in The Signature informing citizens of La Veta that there is a petition going around to remove Dawn Blanken from her position on the town board. 

    She has been there for four years and has proven herself to be a well-informed and level headed member of the town board.  Why now is there a recall??

    Hasn’t her record been proven after this long of time?  Why such divisiveness now…I think we should look at this problem. 

    Hasn’t the town learned we are stronger if we stand together and not divided?  It’s obvious by now that Kelly Popejoy has an agenda but what about the other four people that submitted this petition to recall? 

    I think the problem does not stand with Dawn Blanken but should be looked at from the perspective of the townspeople that have asked for a recall.  They are the ones that seem to have an agenda.

    Dawn has a proven record of being present and knowledgeable of all the issues and I also believe that all sides should be represented.  This is a democracy.  Our town is about the whole, not just a few.

~Brent and Barbara Seawell

Thinly veneered motives behind recall

    The thinly-veneered motives in this ill-founded recall attempt appear much more transparent than any allegations of self interest on the part of Trustee Blanken.

    Simply disagreeing with her opinion on issues or the direction of her voting does not constitute grounds for recall.

    Trustee Blanken’s actions and decisions consistently involve exhaustive research, impeccable ethics and long-term vision.  In her intelligent approach to all matters, I see no other motive than the continued betterment and sustainability of our community.

    We are extremely fortunate to have a person of her caliber acting on our behalf.  Thank you, Trustee Blankin, for your invaluable contributions to our community.

~Charlene Olsen


Thoughts on Tancredo and Hickenlooper

    It was with great interest I read your article about Tom Tancredo coming to town to discuss his candidacy for Governor of the great State of Colorado with the people of Walsenburg or at least the Voters.  Here’s the problem, he snuck into town, went to a coffee house, met with some ranchers and left in a hurry.  This is a guy who is a non-nonsense, defend our borders, stand up for liberty, freedom, no eminent domain, anti-socialist, etc.  But he’s afraid to speak to the people of Walsenburg?  Why is he so afraid?  Here’s the real irony; his career is based on protecting our borders and throwing the illegals out and yet he met with the very people who depend on illegals to work their ranches.

    In a sense Walsenburg represents  what this county has always stood for, a melting pot of immigrants, who seek a chance to make a living and raise a family.  All that’s lost with men like Tom Tancredo.  Please vote for my friend John Hickenlooper.  He’s a good guy.  He is fair and will do his very best.  He won’t sneak into town and meet with only the elites of Walsenburg.

~Andy Holman


Tax and spend politicians misunderstood?

    In an interview with New York Times reporter Peter Baker, on October 12, 2010, President Obama identified what he called “tactical lessons” after allowing himself to look like “the same old tax-and-spend liberal democrat.”

    Evidently, President Obama would have us believe that that our eyes and ears deceive us, and that tax and spend politicians are misunderstood.

    In November of 2006, and again in 2008, We the People attempted to send a wake-up call to politicians.  They still don’t get it.  That is why there are a record number of citizens on food stamps. It is why, after 3 years of “progressive” solutions, that poverty, unemployment, and homelessness are on the rise and health insurance premiums have skyrocketed.

    We are being lied to. Government doesn’t include necessities like food, energy, employer-paid health insurance premiums and tax-funded health care in CPI, so young and old alike are being deceived regarding inflation. For the first time in 35 years, this lie has resulted in no COLA increase for Social Security recipients. Same for 2011.

    Change has been for the worse.  Hope doesn’t create jobs, heat our homes or produce our food.  In November, show politicians that the tail will no longer be permitted to wag the dog!

~R.B. Sarafian

Walsenburg, CO

The following 

letters are

NOT about politics

Corsentino Dairy owner speaks out

    I would like our state agencies, politicians and EPA to know what is taking place here in southern Colorado, on the last dairy farm in four counties.

    After close to a decade of releasing coal bed methane water, COGCC (Colorado Oil and Gas Commission) put out an order for Petroglyph energy to do amendments on our crop ground and buy some feed till we could see what type of crop production we would have after the amendments.  The ground has somewhat responded to the remediation, looks like we will average 10 to 12 tons per acre, our historical tonnage is around 19 to 20 ton per acre of corn silage, so after a decade, I guess we are moving in the right direction! 

    The only problems are that low of production is not enough to sustain a herd of milking cows, and our whole herd had to be exterminated, because of Bovine tuberculosis.

    After working with the USDA for a long period of time I was told they had never seen such a large number of infected cattle in the history of TB testing.  One of the head  USDA immunologists , told us that something was very wrong, that our animals had no immune system and that′s why it went through the herd so quickly.

    My question to my state agencies is why these gas companies have been allowed to dump their briny waste water into our pristine rivers?  Our dairy is an example of the worst case scenario: 1) after four generations, we now can’t raise enough feed for the cows, because of the CBM water damage to our crop ground, 2) we do not have any cows to milk, nor can we even sell the land and water because of the damage.

    The COGCC does have a surface damage fund that we were told was not for our type of damages, so what are we supposed to do? Other than go broke!

    The gas company has been allowed to operate as a LLC , insuring that no legal council will touch the case because of the lack of money!  We have had very little political intervention to help our plight.

    We are now in reorganization court, to try and pick up the pieces, and I don′t know how that is going to turn out.  Our operation, for many years has put a large amount of revenue into southern Colorado, whether it be parts, fuel, feed or employment.  As we speak our state agencies have issued a permit to the gas company to start pumping again- for 16 million gallons per day, twice as much as the last permit.  They have also tried to talk the city  of Walsenburg into dumping their reverse osmosis water into the new city waste treatment plant.  Our state agencies and elected officials and EPA need to address these problems. All this for a company that has not produced one CFM of gas!


Brett Corsentino

Reluctant prize winner

    Oktoberfest was a HUGE success; everyone that I saw at the festival was having a GREAT time, including myself.  I participated in everything, including dancing, beer garden, and purchasing tickets for the BIG drawing for certificates from retail sponsors.  I won the CLEANUP drawing for several certificates.  The problems came to me when I went to redeem my certificates for my prizes.   One, in Colorado City, for a jewelry box and necklaces for my granddaughter and the other is for a mug in Cuchara, CO.  On Oct 20th I am still trying to find my prizes won with NO success.  After going to the merchants myself, and twice to La Veta to talk to anyone at the Chamber of Commerce, which closed when the coffee shop closed, no one was available. 

    After talking to a man on the street who suggested I visit the local market as two or more people who worked there were volunteers for the festival and would know more.  I went to the market the same day and one of the clerks took my certificates and assured me that she would take care of the problem as the committee was having a meeting that Sunday.  She wrote my name, address and phone number on the back of my certificates of winning and kept them for reference. 

    After waiting eight more days I again drove up to La Veta and visited the local grocery market to find out that the lady who had my certificates was not working.  I again left my name and phone number to a gentleman who seemed to be in charge of the store.  My winnings have become very expensive aftertravel and all.   My children are asking for the gifts I have promised, and I am still waiting for a positive response from the Oktoberfest committee. 

~Reluctant Winner: 

Ralph  Hedrick



Being proud of our lovely village


    Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to participate in the recently held contest “Beautify Walsenburg”.  Our yard will always be a work in progress.  Sharing it with our fellow Walsenburgers is always enjoyable, to be recognized for all our efforts makes it even more so.

    Thank you so much to the sponsors for their generous donations.  Thank you judges for sacrifices; your lunch hours, gasoline and any spare time to “poke your heads” in to follow progress on properties.  Most of all, thank you fellow gardeners who participated in this fun- spirited competition.

    Hopefully, now, this will encourage the seed -of being proud of our lovely village- to sprout and spread throughout, one yard at a time.



Thanks for the coverage

    I’ve been receiving the Huerfano World Journal for the past month  because my good friend writes for your paper.  I loved the full page feature article on Picketwire Canyon!!!  So descriptive… I could "see" all that that the writer was experiencing.

    So much is going on in your small area of the country!  I would have been at that Tea Ceremony and I would definitely go hear Tannahill Weavers!  Glad you′re surrounded by unique culture. Thanks again for the paper.


Carol Marrs

Springtown, TX


La Veta School Of The Arts Thanks Many Generous Patrons

    Despite the economic downturn in 2010, The La Veta School of the Arts is happy to report the continuing generous support from so many people in La Veta, Walsenburg, Huerfano County and from all over the country. Over half of our 43 adult students come from outside of our part of Colorado. Our scholarship program for children and our adult class offerings couldn’t happen without the generous contributions of so many who believe in the benefits of creativity and freedom of expression.  We were able to give scholarships to 26 needy children this summer.  We love being here and we believe the beauty of our surroundings is conducive to uplifted thinking.  We also want to thank our tireless board of directors without whose hard work the art school couldn’t continue:  Mary Cooper, Linda Frederick, Lana Thomas Wachterman, Steve Wachterman and David Zehring.

~Peggy Zehring, Director and President


    Observing the current political races in southeastern Colorado, it occurs to me that the most critical race facing southeastern Coloradoans is the Gloria Stultz/ Kevin Grantham race for State Senate Dist. #2.  Our water and agricultural commerce are at great risk.  Those of us who depend on the Arkansas River for our water and our future need to stop and take a close look at the one who will best preserve our sacred way of life.

    In following these two candidates, it is has become very clear to me that the best choice for State Senate Dist. #2 is Gloria Stultz.  She has been a great community leader and in addition has been dedicated to agriculture her whole life.  I have comfort that Gloria Stultz has the ability to effectively and energetically replace our current Senator, Ken Kester, who kept careful watch and exercised leadership over our interests.

    Gloria Stultz has shown she has those same qualities of commitment and leadership whereas Grantham has expressed positions and policies that are radical and would leave us vulnerable and without clear direction.

~John Singletary, farmer for 30 years.

Native of Pueblo, lives in Eastern Pueblo County.

Serves on the Colorado Agricultural Commission.

Serves as a Wildlife Commissioner for the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

Dear Editor,

    I am writing about my friend Gloria Stultz. When Gloria found out about my life threatening illness and realized my wife and I had no health insurance, she spearheaded a movement of friends to help pay some of our medical expenses.  She did this while in the middle of running for State Senator for District 2. Gloria put everything on temporary hold to help her friends.

    Gloria told me that when she gets in office she will fight hard to help all who are in need of healthcare.  I have worked along side her at Loaves and Fishes, marched with her in the fight for Healthcare Reform, shopped at her Farmers Market in downtown Canon City where she enables real farmers to sell real farm fresh produce to people who want to eat healthier.   Gloria was doing all of these things and many more when she wasn′t even thinking of running for office. She simply cares this much about her friends, neighbors and fellow citizens of Colorado.

    Through these experiences I have realized we have the best candidate for the State Senate any district could ever ask for. She is smart, she is dedicated and she is compassionate. She doesn’t care whether you are a Republican, an Independent or a Democrat; she will still work for you.

    Please vote for Gloria Stultz for State Senate District 2.

~Bob Parker


We Need Realistic Representation in SD-2

    In studying Kevin Grantham’s positions, I see a person who holds inflexible and in some cases extreme positions. Why one may possibly admire his beliefs, and even honor his uncompromising positions, that is exactly what we don’t need in the state legislature.  I don’t think Mr. Grantham will be able to work with either of the parties, and as such his value to Southeastern Colorado counties in the legislature would be greatly diminished.

    We need someone who will work with people on both sides of the aisle, who isn’t tainted by inflexible and extreme positions.  We need someone who will arrive at useful solutions, take common sense positions on the problems facing the state. We need Gloria Stultz in our state Senate, not another radical.

    Thanks for publishing my letter.

Gail Palmgren

Canon City, CO

Stultz watches out for the Little Guy

    Southeastern Colorado needs a leader who will never loose sight of the little guy. There really is no such thing as the free market. There is always a price to be paid. Just look around – we are paying now and paying dearly. Losers in an unregulated “free for all” economy are the consumers and the small business people.

    I am a Vietnam Veteran. I have met Gloria and I trust Gloria. I trust her to be that leader who will work to level the playing field and look out for the little guy and us, the consumers; and my fellow veterans. Someone needs to keep the corporations, the government, and other huge outfits honest.

    She has run her own small business made up of the smallest of businesses.  She knows the struggle to be successful and will always stand up for us.  We need to elect Gloria Stultz for senate district two.


Kirk Shipley

Canon City, CO

Private Landowners Stewards of the Land

    Gloria Stultz believes in smart community oversight corporate landowners. Her opponent, Kevin Grantham, states he believes in “Western Conservationism”, which “empowers the private sector to exercise personal responsibility to conserve the natural resources of Colorado for future generations.”

    Get real Kevin – you are going to leave it up to Cotter Corporation to be sure and not pollute the local ground water? That did not work!!!! Dozens, maybe hundreds of land owners in Fremont County have polluted well water because of Cotter. The Center for Disease Control even recommends against eating food watered with Cotter polluted well water.

    Some land owners act responsibly, but if they don’t, it can disastrous for many. Like when a member of the “private sector,” Hooker Chemical, buried 21,000 tons of toxic waste. That later led to birth defects (children born with an extra set of teeth for instance), deafness in children, cancers, epilepsy, and more.

    Gloria Stultz is the common sense candidate for State Senate District 2. She knows that rational community oversight protects all of us from the few who don’t “exercise personal responsibility to conserve the natural resources of Colorado for future generations.”

~Ron Scoles

Canon City

In reading through Kevin Grantham’s positions, it appears that if elected, he’d like to help make every town in our state exactly like Colorado Springs. Do we really want our police and firemen laid off?  Do we really want to turn off the street lights? Would Veteran’s Park turn brown, or should we pull the garbage cans so we don’t have to pay someone to pick up the trash? If he is elected to Senate District 2, I’m afraid that’s what will happen.

    Some functions of government are important and need to be done. Efficiently and by using our tax dollars well, for sure, but these functions still must be done.  Mr.. Grantham seems to want no government at all, and that’s way too extreme for Coloradans like me.

    I’m going to vote for Gloria Stultz so we can get some common sense solutions to the problems facing our state.

~Denise Wilson

Canon City

Grantham Too Radical for Colorado

    I was interested in what Kevin Grantham, the Republican nominee for Senate District 2, had to say, so I went to his website.  My analysis is that Grantham is your basic Tea Party candidate, anti-just-about-everything.  In fact, two of his endorsements are actual Tea Parties of one stripe or another, and a third is an actual militia.

    Is this who we want representing this county in the State Senate?  I believe there is such a thing as being “too conservative” and Grantham seems to fit into this category.

    All of us want our tax money to be spent wisely, and all of us want to see government be fair and efficient, but it appears Grantham wants little or no government.

    A wise person once said, “those who hate government shouldn’t govern”, and that’s why I won’t be voting for him, I will be voting for Gloria Stultz, a moderate who will represent all of us.

~Thank You,

Dawn Hayward

Canon City

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