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Letters to the editor- Sept. 18, 2008

Dear Editor,    

    It has always been and will remain my policy to not respond to letters to the editor when anyone speaks their opinion about the City or me. As Americans we are expressly given the right of freedom of speech and I honor and respect every citizen who exercises this unique right when they speak their opinion.

    I do however think it is important to make sure when something is stated in a letter to the editor that is not factual that I clarify that issue.  In a letter to the editor published in the September 4, 2008 edition of the Journal and written by Tom Macedo he states, and this is not a quote, that the City sold gas to Aguilar residents at rates less than we charge Walsenburg residents costing the City thousands of dollars. I must make is clear that the City does not sell gas to the residents of Aguilar. We sell gas at a reduced rate, but still at a profit, to the Town of Aguilar and the Town of Aguilar in turn resells that gas to Aguilar residents. This increased economy of scale benefits all City of Walsenburg gas customers.

        Eric M. Pearson    

        City Administrator

        City of Walsenburg

Journey Home rides again…

this past Saturday was the 75th Early Settlers Day Parade in La Junta, Colorado.  Debbie Williams and her Journey Home Kids from Walsenburg were again riding tall in the saddle.

    They joined with the Veterans of the 1st Cavalry Division to form the 2nd element of the parade.  WELL DONE JOURNEY HOME!

    As the only veterans group in the parade, we consider it a great honor to have the members of the Journey Home′s Bear Creek Riders with us as much as possible. They are an outstanding group of young people.

    A special thanks to Amber Kindle who carried our National Flag.

    Certificates were given to Debbie Williams, to be presented to each member who participated in the parade.

    Also hats were made for the Bear Creek Riders whith their logo and the 1st Cavalry Division Insignia on the front.

      I hope that your community realizes what a great group of Ambassadors you have in this outstanding group of young people who are a part of the Journey Home Program.

      It is again our honor to have them as a part of America′s First Team.

    Clifford R. Boxley

    President-Southeastern     Colorado Chapter of the     1st Cavalry Division        Association.

    Member-National             Board of Governors,

    1st     Cavalry Division         Association


     Thank you to all who gave us comfort and prayed for us during the recent passing of our loved one. Also thank you to all who helped us in so many ways. We love all of you and may God bless you.

             The family of

        Mario Andreatta   

Dear Editor,

     Why doesn′t everyone see what the spin doctors are doing?  Look at the polls. What are they asking these people?  "Do you think that record home foreclosures, record bankruptcies, record deficits, record health care costs, record pay checks to corporate executives, record fuel prices, record profits for oil companies are  good for you?"  Think people, who got us into this horrendous mess?  Who′s spending billions of dollars to bail out their friends while you worry about paying the rent?

     I wasn′t around in 1929 and I really don′t know what it felt like, but I bet it felt a lot like this.  We fixed this problem once.  We threw out the Republicans whose unmitigated greed and speculation pushed our great country and the world into the Great Depression′   Democrats put rules and regulations in place to stop this kind of wholesale rip off of the working men and women.  We established a New Deal.  We put our young people to work rebuilding our infrastructure, our roads and bridges, our schools and our hospitals.  We protected working people from poverty.  WAKE UP!!   The people now in power could give two hoots about you, your family, your children′s education, your life.  When some Wall Street wise guy walks off with a multi million dollar "golden parachute"  while his employees lose everything, who′s he stealing from.  "Lipstick on pigs, lipstick on pit bulls," it′s just a magician′s puff of smoke.  Please, please, please don’t let them distract you.  No one  is asking you to spend a winter in Valley Forge, you can get rid of King George and his cronies by just voting.  Do you want your country back?  Vote Democratic it′s your only chance.

     David Gnaizda.  Chairman

    Huerfano County

    Democratic Party

To: Huerfano Journal

Re: Crooks under cover

    Say, David Gnaizda, do you really think an inexperienced senator can solve the enormous problems that face this nation? Don’t get me wrong—all of them are great speakers (except Michelle who needs some lessons in diplomacy). But nobody can fix the state of affairs we are in and we are in this mess because of the “behind the scenes” people who have sold us down the river to China, Japan, anyone who has $$$$$ which we no longer have. What did Clinton do but get into moral problems? Bush’s father stated bluntly “ No new taxes” and the first thing he did was to raise taxes. You Democrats have had two years  control of Congress. Can’t see any changes there? Now if the young senator gets in, his changes are to tax the rich and give to the poor. A great Robinhood effort but what the rich will do is find other tax loophole or stop working and this will cripple the economy more. Forclosure? What have you Democrats done about that? You are in control of Congress? A new deal would be to collapse the present government and put some honest folks in there who care. We have a corrupt system with too much money no accountability. Neither Democrats or Republicans are to blame. It is us to have a system that causes this. Believe me, there can be no change. Whoever wins the presidency, wins it in name only. The agenda is set. If you think your taxes are high now, just wait.


        Dorothy Mihanovich


Dear Editor,

    Spanish Peaks Child Care Center Staff and Children would like to take this opportunity to thank the community and to recognize some companies that were so generous in helping us raise the required funds needed to buy t-shirts for the day care children. 

    A big thank you to George’s Drive Inn, 38 Special, Blue Rooster, Black Diamond Park, Huerfano County World, and First National Bank of Trinidad-Huerfano County Branch.  We would also like to thank Walsenburg City Council for their donation of tickets to Walsenburg Wild Waters for the daycare children’s end-of- summer outing.  For some of these children it was a first-time experience that was enhanced by the picnic items provided by Safeway Stores, Carls’ Jr., and Pizza Hut.  

    We continue to be open for business and, as a non-profit organization, we appreciate any assistance from the community that we get. The children’s safety is our primary concern and the purchase of t-shirts helps to keep them together and identifiable during their outings. 

    While the Center is still in its infancy, we are trying to be responsive to the needs expressed by community members.  As such, we are pleased to announce that the Child Care Center is now providing transportation to and from school.

    Thank you,

    Margaret Bobian


Dear Huerfano Journal:

    I am a former La Veta resident.  I lived there for 5 years.  During that time I created numerous paintings.   The reason I moved to La Veta was the beauty and natural serenity of the mountains.  The view itself inspired me to paint and opened my heart to the majestic beauty of the Spanish Peaks.

    I have since moved to Pueblo but La Veta and the view of the mountains continue to make my heart sing!  My husband and I take frequent trips down there to visit with friends and enjoy all that La Veta has to offer.

     I am apposed to putting the cell tower smack dab in the middle of all that beauty.  There are other ways.  Think ahead to generations to come who will be inspired by the beauty and divine inspiration of the mountains and appreciate your thinking ahead to our children and grandchildren, enjoying this same view just like us: Pristine and unencumbered by man-made objects.


    Marcee Gutman-


    Pueblo, CO