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Letters to the Editor Sept. 11, 2008

he Feiccabrino family would like to think the Custer, Huerfano and Pueblo Counties′ Search and Rescue Teams, the Custer County Ambulance, relatives, friends, passing hikers and all who took part in the August search for 3 members of our family, who were lost mushroom hunting on Greenhorn Mountain.  They were found well and very grateful.  All family members promise to give Colorado Search and Rescue Teams prior notice before venturing into the mountains with the high hopes of finding mushrooms and they will always listen to the elder member of the party as to the direction of the road.


    Emma Feiccabrino

Dear Editor,

I remember finding out how powerful the office of county commissioner was 20 years ago when Rocky Flats was trying to finding a place suitable to eternal storage of their toxic nuclear waste.  They thought the perfect location was the remote county of Las Animas and only a discrete call from then Sen. Hank Brown’s office alerted the residents to the threat.  That’s when I (and probably a few others) discovered that Las Animas county commissioners could have agreed to the deal, signed sealed and delivered without anyone else having a word to say about it.  They could have … but they didn’t.  County commissioners make hundreds of mundane decisions every year punctuated by monumental ones that can affect thousands of lives.  They weigh tax revenue brought in by the oil and gas industry verses the impact on water reserves and water quality.  The need to improve communications & transportation networks and things like wind energy development verses the degradation of our scenic beauty.  It is a very important job and because of its critical nature I am supporting Steve Perkins for Huerfano County Commissioner. 

As president of the counties largest employer Steve has had a great deal of experience with the issues currently facing this county.  I believe he will use this experience to meet challenges such as best use of available resources like Lathrup Youth camp.  By knowing what is on the table and understanding the counties workforce concerns as he does Steve will work with his fellow commissioners to make county decisions in a realistic and forward thinking manner.

    Before coming to Huerfano County Steve managed a physician practice with over a 100 doctor members.  That is considered to be on par with herding cats but Steve got the job done consistently and effectively. He has overseen budgets and he has managed people.  Not only people who take care of patients but people who are in charge of snow removal, water and sewer systems, human resources, information technology and the host of other departments that make up a facility such as SPHRC.  He has interacted with and answered to state and federal regulatory agencies.  He has been involved in county-wide disaster planning as well as issues regarding dispatch communication and ambulance service.

His work with the Chambers of Commerce and tourism council have made him aware of the need to create a welcoming environment for the right kinds of businesses and to work to increase our tax base without sacrificing our most precious natural resources.  Steve is a collaborative thinker who will work with all entities to bring about solutions in the years to come.

    I had the opportunity to work for Steve Perkins while he was CEO of Spanish Peaks Regional Medical Center and experience his approach to leadership. He led by example, showed selfless dedication to the institution he was running and helped his employees realize the potential within each of them.  No one will work harder or be more open to the public than Steve Perkins.


    Coral Anderson

Dear Huerfano County citizens;

    As a former elected official, a several year resident of Huerfano County, both in Walsenburg and La Veta, I must say we are really fortunate to have the cell tower issue come before the Huerfano County Commissioners just as two of them are running for reelection.  while each of them is running in a separate district, every registered voter in the county get to vote for both districts.  A very fair circumstance, considering their decisions affect the county as a whole.

    As I campaigned over the years, both in a state house district larger than the state of delaware, and then as a statewide candidate and then a statewide elected official, many times I saw counties at war within themselves.  The result was, at best, little advancement and mostly standing in place or moving backwards.  (as an aside, that is why the Spanish Peaks Internation Celtic Music Festival, which I have been heavily involved with from the beginning, has ALWAYS been a four town, county-wide event).  People who work together can accomplish so much more.

    The main industry in Huerfano County is tourism.  I lived in a similar economy on the western slope for over twenty years.  working together to make our county a special place is to everyone′s advantage.  when people come to La Veta or Cuchara, they stop often in Walsenburg, they wander over to Gardner.  and they are welcome.  they spend money here and add a special flavor to our county.  And we want them to continue to come and increase in numbers.

    Why they come is the special beauty and friendliness of this wonderful place.  People love to visit, hike, fish, and just enjoy our magnificent scenery and interesting towns and people.  And those attributes we must keep – for ourselves and for them.  A 180 foot tall cell tower in front of the Spanish Peaks is not what is needed when there are far better and  far less obtrusive alternatives.  Better cell coverage is certainly desirable, but it is not the be all and end all for our economy.   the attraction of our county′s beauty is far, far more important, in the long and the short run.

    And I have a question to ask all involved.  Is it true that the commissioners choose to advocate placing the 180′ tower about 700′ east from the proposed much lower and much less of an eyesore La Veta city  water tank site because the former is on county land, hence the county receiving the resulting rental revenues, rather than on La Veta land, where the town of La Veta would receive the resultant revenues?

     Considering the above, I ask you to remember these facts and how our present county commissioners vote on this issue, when it comes time for you to cast your vote in the november election for county commissioner.  Please remember, both locally and nationally, every vote counts.

     Most sincerely,

    nancy dick

    former Lt. Governor

    State of Colorado

    resident of the town of         La Veta

Dear Editor;

     The tone of the Republican campaign is set. With Karl Rove directing, the script has been perfected.  The Republican battle cry is "We′re the only ones who can fix the mess that we’ve gotten us into.”  What?  Do we hand the drunk the keys, again?

    After listening to self-described "pit bull with lipstick" Sarah Palin′s mean spirited and mendacious VP acceptance speech on Wednesday night it’s obvious what the country is in for. John McCain and the Republicans will just   pretend that the Democrats have been in control of the Government for the last eight years. 

    The Republicans will tell America that it is Democratic spending that has caused millions to fall into poverty.  It is "liberals" who have weakened our public health and education systems.  They’ll claim it was the “antiwar movement” that destroyed our international credibility and over stressed our military.   It was Democrats, they′ll tell us, who misspent our treasure, destroyed a sovereign nation, stopped better health care for our children and caused the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent human beings.  They’ll claim it was “community organizers” who deregulated the mortgage and banking industries sending millions of homeowners into foreclosure.  Don’t believe it, it is the Republicans who believe in "borrow and spend” and have saddled our children and grandchildren with unacceptable debt.  

    Don′t be fooled.  Don′t fall for the Big Lie. How can the Republicans govern when they hate government? They want to "drown government in the bathtub."   They want to end Public Education, Social Security, unemployment insurance, Medicare and Medicaid, and every other social safety net.  Their priorities haven′t changed since they fought FDR.  It is time for A New New Deal.  Please vote for real change, vote for the Democratic ticket.

    David Gnaizda, Chairman

    Huerfano County             Democratic Party

To the Editor and Huerfano County Citizens;

    This letter is in response to the proposed 180 foot cell phone tower to be placed right in the middle of one of Colorado’s most beautiful and unique scenic views. I am shocked at the attitude and actions of the Commissioners on this issue and hope that Huerfano County citizens are as well.

    The La Veta town board has opposed the tower. Do the citizens realize that an alternative option can pay revenues from leases right to the town? I can’t understand how the Commissioners can think about passing this when the town of La Veta has recommended there are better alternatives. The adverse effect on property values, both present and future, are enough reason to look closely at better ways to provide better cell service to the area. Numerous sources indicate that technology is rapidly moving away from the need for huge towers.

    This proposal is for a cell tower that is both unnecessary and exploitive. The applicant is in this for his own personal gain, there is no doubt about that. His properties here in La Veta are for sale and when they sell he’ll be gone and won’t have to look at the huge mess he’s made here in your valley. Citizens, act now and stop this now, easier to do than trying to get it torn down later. Do your homework Commissioners, and find a better solution.

Debi Allenson


    To those of you who think that the proposed 180 foot cell tower on Grandote Golf Course property is a good idea…,

    Can you hear me now? Think again. To go through with this plan is a slap in the face of the natural beauty of this valley. Hold on to what is so uniquely amazing to this area by preserving its unobstructed view. Find a better way to bring better cell phone reception to your town. Get involved. Voice your opinion.


Jay Allenson

Former La Veta Resident

Trustee resigns position

Town now accepting letters of interest for vacancy by E.E.Mullens LA VETA — Citing an upcoming medical procedure and the subsequent recuperation period, La Veta

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