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Letters to the Editor of Feb. 1 2018

Donate to Dorcas

Dorcas Circle Food Pantry & Clothing Bank needs these items for our regular food boxes: Spaghetti sauce, pasta, peanut butter, tuna fish, canned meat, soup, rice, and beans. Please donate to Dorcas Circle.

Thank You to all who support our mission. We often receive donations of food and funds from area churches, organizations, individuals, Safeway, Charlie’s Market, Dollar General, First Choice Market, First National Bank Huerfano Branch, Loaf&Jug Store, Volunteers for Community Food Drives, and other groups. We are very appreciative of all the community support we receive. Our all-volunteer staff work from concern for people in need.

Our Board of Directors and volunteers do so appreciate your support. Thank you for caring with Dorcas Circle. We would not be able to continue without community support, food drives, clothing donations, and prayers. We use great care to be good stewards all that we receive.

Dorcas Circle accepts donations of food, clothing, toys, house wares, etc., and more volunteers. Open to give food & clothing, at 911 S. Main, on Tuesday & Thursday, 10 AM to 4 PM, (719)738-2291.


~Maryann Chamberlain,

Director of Dorcas Circle Food Pantry and Clothing Bank in Walsenburg, CO


Thanks for the fix

This is a note to tell you about a good experience we had with the new appliance repairman in town. He’s prompt, courteous, clean, and polite. If you need his services, please give him a try. It’s nice to know someone who will do what he says when he says he will do it. I don’t think you will be sorry. His name is George Kossen, and his number is 303-258-6219. Signed, a happy customer

~Curtis Pryor

Walsenburg, CO


Afraid of Fire

I am extremely concerned for mine and my brothers’ safety and health living next to a home that can go up in flames at any second.  The back shed already has, on 1-20-18.

I have called City Officials, walked in and spoke with them, and made numerous phone calls into the Huerfano County Dispatch Center regarding unattended fires inside and outside of the home next to our residence and yet, even after the back shed burned to the ground, these people are still able to live in this trailer, the yard is littered with trash, they live in this trailer with NO electricity, NO running water, and NO proper way to dispose of their sewage.

They use candles and a BBQ grill inside the trailer to cook and as a heat source. They steal water from our outside faucet, and from the house to the left of them.

This trailer is owned by the infamous “Slum Lord” of Walsenburg, who has rented this trailer to these two people.  So because they are not considered squatters they have a right to live this way. I call the law and all they do is have them put the fires out, but the minute they leave the flames are visible again. I am beyond frustrated, I am not getting any sleep at night because I am so worried the place will catch fire and we will not have time to get out. I hate leaving my home because if it goes up in flames we will lose everything.

WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE WAITING FOR?? These careless individuals to burn the whole block down? For myself and my brother to be victimized to the extreme of losing everything we own or worse because they have more rights than we do?

Or because a landlord who has had multiple homes burn down in Walsenburg is allowed to rent out homes that are not up to code?

I do not want to be that nagging resident of this city, however I also do not want to be the residents that lost everything because the city building inspector, and the code enforcement officer did not want to be bothered by looking into the living conditions of this trailer, because people did not return my calls, or simply because the buck was passed one too many times.

~Bernadette Steeful

Walsenburg CO