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Letters to the editor- June 12, 2008

To The Editor:

    The state′s 31,000 farmers cheered last week when Governor Bill Ritter OK′d a plan to ease the seasonal importation of guest workers to harvest crops.  I co-sponsored House Bill 1325 which provides two agents to identify workers in Mexico and to cut through the governmental bureaucracy.

    I like a system that makes it legal to do honest work.  If we can get more legal workers to this country, and we know they are playing by the rules, we farmers and ranchers of Southern Colorado sure appreciate that.

    We need to cut through all this red-tape and delay. I’m proud to have helped our farmers who can’t find enough laborers to work their fields and harvest their crops, and we all thank Governor Ritter.

    Rep. Wes McKinley

    Walsh, CO

Dear Editor:

    I feel I must respond to the resignation of Steve Perkins, CEO/President, of Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center.   I have had the honor of working closely together with Mr. Perkins and a great team for the past 5 years.   His leadership in a shared vision of bringing Huerfano County what they deserve in health care… quality, innovation and excellence second to none has exceeded expectations!   In every possible way, Steve has demonstrated in the fullest the “I CARE” (Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Excellence) motto of Spanish Peaks. 

    In my long years in the work force, the past five have been the absolute most personally rewarding for me in being part of the SPRHC team and the Huerfano County community.

    My sadness in seeing Steve leave his SPRHC role is brightened by the prospect that he will bring the same sterling qualities to a broader community base in his evolving role in community leadership.  He has never waivered from his position that Huerfano County must not be defined solely by economic poverty, but truly needs to be defined by its unlimited richness in the citizens, the culture, the history,  the quality of life and our unsurpassed geographic beauty.  Focusing on strengths and maximizing potential are among Steve’s greatest gifts.  I know he will continue to support SPRHC and I am pleased that with the opportunity at hand to be a county commissioner, he will now have more time to devote to bringing greater good to the entire area.  Thank you Steve for all you have done; looking forward to all that you will be doing!


    Sandy Dolak

I wanted to thank all those individuals who helped me circulate my petition to be able to get on the ballot for the right to run for County Commissioner in District 2.

    Unfortunately, I did not get that opportunity !!

    There were a lot of names thrown out due to inconsistencies and inaccurate addresses, and only after talking to Troy Bratton at the Secretary of State’s office did I find out that I could have gone back and “cured” some of those signatures before the deadline date.

    In the 2 months that I circulated petitions, I met a lot of very supportive people and for all those 600 plus who did take the time to visit with me, I appreciate you !!

   I thought I could help “make a difference” in this county, but maybe down another avenue.


        Maurice Heikes

To Gretchen Sporleder Orr (letters to the editor)

    This past Saturday June 7th, the Journey Home Learning Center put on their annual shindig there in Walsenburg.  Debbie Williams and her husband Pat do a fantastic job of working with these kids.  As the president of the Southeastern Colorado chapter of the 1st Cavalry Division, it is an honor to be associated with these fine young people.  Your town of Walsenburg should be very proud of them.  They are setting a great example for everyone.

    My cavalry chapter, which is made up of veterans of the 1st Cavalry Division, from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War, and Operation Iraqi Freedom, had the honor of presenting each of the young people with a certificate.

    The top boy and girl each received a new saddle blanket with the 1st Cavalry Division patch on one side.

    Debbie Williams and her husband received a special certificate called the “Order of the Saber,” the highest honor that we can give as a chapter.

    This past Memorial day I had the honor of hosting Debbie Williams and some of the young people from Journey Home at Camp Amache near the city of

Granada.  Flowers were placed to honor the soldiers of the 442nd Regimental combat team from World War II.  This marked the first time that a veterans group had ever paid honors at the Memorial located at Camp Amache.  It was an honor to have the young people from Walsenburg there.

    First team!

    Clifford Boxley


    Southeastern Colorado         Chapter of the 1st Cavalry     Division Association


Bertha Trujillo

  Bertha Trujillo, 97, from Gardner, Colo., entered her eternal home on Feb. 12, 2024. She was born in Gardner, Colo., on Sept. 30, 1926,

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