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Letters to the Editor for February 4, 2021

Credit where it is due
The article in the January 14 issue about the Care and Share program was very informative, and I appreciate all the people involved in getting this free food out to the members of our County that need it most.  However, one person’s name was conspicuously absent — Mickey D’Ambrosia in Gardner.  She has been communication central for the Gardner area for the many decades I have lived here and is always willing to seek out and help anyone in need.  She also has gathered a great group of people that help her.  Thank you Mickey for all you have done for us and may God bless you.
~Johnnye Dee Loop Mullen
Gardner, CO

Changing times call for updated rules
We are in a very challenging time in life.  Our forefathers, those who wrote ‘The Consitution’, wrote a list of ‘Amendments’ so that we would live together under the same rules.  These ‘rules’ were written before we had assault weapons, airplanes, cars, computers and other adcanced technology.  We have freedom of speech and the right to bear arms, but when people use these negatively, such as inciting riots or killing people, there must be some accountability.  When this happens, we need to refine our ‘rules’.  I do not believe that putting limits on a type of weapon is a violation of our 2nd Amendment right.  I know some of you will disagree.
I saw the letters regarding Boebert.  She could be a great leader, but she is a hot head and itching for a chance to use her weapon.  She has been in trouble with the law before.  She may be petite, but so was my Biochem professor who was a black belt in karate.  She was never threatening.
I do not understand all the anger and hate our country is experiencing.  We are the “melting pot” of the world.  Yet our country is in a very sad state of ‘you against me’, or ‘far right, far left’, and the list goes on.  Why can we not meet in the middle?  Yes, we are different in some ways, but we must learn to live together.  We must unite!  “United we stand, divided we fall!”  If we do not unite, there is no hope for our country.  I want to live in peace.  We have too mcuh going on, especially with COVID-19.
Please, let us all work together.  We can start by wearing our masks and caring about each other.  We can do this!  We must do this!
P.S.  I appreciate the boxes on page 9 about the masks!
~ Carmen J. Lara
Walsenburg, CO

Support for Boebert
Dear Editor,  I would like to express my admiration and support of Congresswoman Boebert.   She is brave and forthright, and I hope that your paper will in the future print unbiased articles about her.   You may not share my opinion of her, but you have a journalistic duty to print facts in your articles, without inserting prejudicial words, except in your editorials where bias is expected.
Thank you.
~Cheryle Johnston
La Veta, CO

Response to Nancy Poe “No one is trying to take away your guns!”
I quote Beto O’Rourke. ” Hell yes, we are coming after your AR-15 and your AK-47!”
Biden to Beto O’Rourke at a campaign rally in Texas, You’re going to be the one that helps me fix this gun problem.” So the truth is Democrats do want to take our firearms. Starting with semi-automatic sporting rifles that are nothing close to an assault weapon even though they might ” look” like one.
With regards to Germany, Every reference that you made for research is from the liberal side! I would not trust any of these people to give me accurate directions to the bathroom let alone true history!
Now let me give you some history! My wife worked with a Jewish woman who was a young girl in Germany. She recounted the day the police came to her house asking for the guns that her father had registered. They said this is not all of them where is the other gun? He told them that was a family heirloom and he wanted to keep it. They shot him in the head in front of her, her sister and her mother in their living room!
False narrative? Hardly! In this country already under Extreme Risk Orders, people have lost their lives in their own living rooms at the hands of police exercising an ERO.
One gentleman in Maryland refused to give up his gun and was shot in his doorway after a struggle over it because a relative was angry at him and turned in a false ERO.
Under the Constitution I have the right to due process and to address my accusers! Unless the accusation comes as an ERO. Then I have no rights!
~Mark Arends
Gardner, CO

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