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Letters to the Editor / Card of Thanks – October 25, 2018

Proposition 112 is bad for landowners

Las Animas County Landowners Group opposes Proposition 112, this measure is bad for landowners.

The ramifications of Proposition 112 go beyond the companies and employees who work directly in the oil and gas industry. The ability for landowners to have control of what to do with their property would be significantly limited.

This measure is essentially a ban on oil and gas production in Colorado, which will prohibit property owners from developing their mineral rights.

Proposition 112 will devastate Colorado’s economy, and will eliminate 85 percent of private and non-federal lands from future development.

What is at stake is much more than the oil and gas industry, it is really about setting back our overall economy and rights. The effects of this measure would be detrimental to land owners in Las Animas County. Vote NO on Proposition 112.

~Karen Salapich,

Chair Las Animas County Landowners Group,

Trinidad, CO


Regarding Trinidaddio

The City Council did not vote to halt funding of Trinidaddio. They simply voted not to accept the demand sheet presented to them for consideration in the form it was presented. They want a negotiation, not a list of demands. Trinidaddio is demanding $86,000 in annual funding funding in perpetuity with one exception. This year, they want $60,000 from the City’s General Fund. We have already given them $50,000 and the sheet they presented demands another $10,000 by November 1. The City Council is not able to commit to funding anything except debt service for multiple years in the future. It is a violation of TABOR. They are only able to fund one year at a time and each year must stand on its own merits. The $86,000 is comprised of $50,000 from the City’s General Fund and $36,000 from the Lodging Tax. Both of these sources are City Funds the City Council must authorize. They are also seeking additional City Funds and services such as a $3,000 power panel and any of other power enhancements they desire In the future regardless demand of City Funds or staff time. They are looking for guaranteed provision of City water with no consideration of water restrictions and drought confirmations.

In addition, the City Council wants more transparency from Trinidaddio in terms of finances. The City wants to see profit and loss statements. It would be nice to learn such things as how many tickets are sold and how many are given away. Trinidaddio wants $86,000 from the City each year. That level of demand requires a high level of due diligence on the part of the City. They are demanding City taxpayer funding and the City needs to be satisfied that meeting the final demand is in the best interests of the taxpayers.

I am very confused as to who you talked to who said the City halted funding because it did not come from the City Council meeting.

~Greg Sund,


City Manager Trinidad, CO

Editor’s note: The City of Trinidad did not provide a press packet to the WJ reporter. He accurately reported on what was said in public meeting, using his written notes and tape recording.


Marcy Freeburg,


I wish to add my endorsement of Marcy Freeburg for Assessor. The problems in the Assessor’s office are pretty well known and Marcy is just the person to resolve them. She served her county as an Army intelligence officer, retired after being injured in a parachute jump. She is experienced in leading large staff departments and managing multi-million dollar budgets in highly demanding circumstances. With her background in information technology, she is ideally qualified to bring the assessor’s records on line and thus available to everyone. Finally, she will be able to insure that all property assessments in the county will be made fairly and accurately. The mother of three accomplished sons, a breeder of paint horses, and a hard worker who has supported herself and her family, Marcy Freeburg is precisely the kind of person whom we should select for public service. Elect Marcy as County Assessor!

~Sandy White

La Veta


Vote for Jena

Dear Editor,

Voter security and voter suppression should concern every citizen in Colorado. In 2016, Colorado was one of the 21 states targeted by Russian hackers. And in numerous states around our country, officials are working to make voting more difficult for many.

That’s why I’m voting for Jena Griswold for Colorado Secretary of State. Jena served as a voter protection attorney for President Obama, so she is informed and experienced. Her rural upbringing gives her a keen appreciation for the challenges faced by rural residents who frequently must travel to vote. Griswold plans to expand automatic voter registration, which will make voting easier for rural residents. She understands that it is important for ALL voices to be heard, and for EVERY vote to be counted.

The incumbent, Wayne Williams, fought against mail-in ballots in 2013. He did not stand on the side of improving our right to be heard. Please consider voting for Jena Griswold for Colorado Secretary of State. Sincerely, ~Penny Bieber Trinidad, CO


Card of Thanks

Spanish Peaks Harp Retreat Thanks

This past September, many wonderful people in Walsenburg and adjoining communities helped to make our Spanish Peaks Harp Retreat a great success. Now in our 14th year, we were welcomed by many in your lovely town. We are grateful that you supported us, and continue to support world class music that we bring into your beautiful valley.

Our first thank you goes to La Plaza hotel. The owner and staff members at La Plaza treated us with much care. The harpers took over the hotel for some days….and you treated us with well! You have hosted our retreat for 14 years!

We would also like to thank the Museum of Friends for allowing us to use your large room for some of our workshop. It was a great space for Aine Minogue’s “Music and Meditation” workshop. Thank you!

Serendipity, you put on quite a wonderful welcoming meal our first evening! Thank you so much. The food was delicious and we loved purusing your gifts and your chocolate!

A big thanks to the Huerfano County Historic Society as well!!!!

As a board member and a participant for 12 of these 14 years, I must say that coming up to your community and spending time with the people and the beauty is something I look forward to every fall. Thank you Walsenburg, La Veta and all the surrounding communities for helping to make our retreat such a lovely experience!!


~Julie Norem-Hawley

on behalf of the Spanish Peaks Harp Retreat