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Letters to the Editor and Cards of Thanks for March 15, 2018

Thanks for your kindness, La Veta

I have a heart full of sadness, but also of thankfulness. Eric Bachman’s last nine months of life were a rough ride, but there was a big surprise for us as things unfolded. Letters, cards, emails, packages at the door, phone calls, homemade soups, visitors, manilla envelopes full of cheerful cartoons, flowers, sent with loving, supportive words, sincere offers of help in many forms, reminiscences, funny stories, often from people we knew just casually, appeared in a constant stream. This was a huge part of that difficult time, and I can hardly express how much these offerings affected us.

Never think there is nothing you can say that will help, or that you don’t want to ‘bother’ people who are having a difficult time. Each envelope or tupperware container was opened with surprise, delight, and such gratitude, no matter what the words or food inside. Tears of thanks were a common experience when opening these offerings. Eric and I were so moved by the lift this gave to a very tough time. Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all of you, and also to all the people who stopped me on the street to give words of support for me to take home to Eric. I took care to tell him about each and every time that happened, and he was touched and buoyed each time, again no matter what the specific words were, the feeling of support was received and so appreciated by him. I have learned a lovely lesson that I will not forget. Again, a heartfelt thanks to our dear little community.

~Helen Hill,

La Veta, CO 

Thank you for your kindness and help

So, it is AGAIN that we say thank you for the 55+ friends and family that came to help clean up the mess left from our devastating fire.

By “word of mouth”, people came and people set to work. There were NO bosses, but everyone seemed to know exactly what needed done and, would you believe, in 5 hours, all the tin was loaded, the hay was hauled off, the meathouse was cleaned out, the dumpster was filled and the scrap metal trailer was stuffed?

Then, there was such fellowship shared as we ate lunch from those SO generous to bring pot luck. (Even those who couldn’t be there sent food, and for that we are so appreciative).

Thank you, again, from the bottom of our hearts. It is with God’s grace and humility that we accept your help. One dear friend told us, “When YOU hurt, WE hurt.” Another friend said, “we just returned from Hawaii and didn’t have the heartfelt feeling we felt here, today.”

So, we’ve learned THAT, and will go on from here.

Let’s just plan to have one BIG party when the barn is finished and rejoice in the fact that friends, family, faith and health are what really matters in our lives.

Thank you once again and God Bless,

Maurice and Irene Heikes

La Veta, CO

Thank you from the Salas family

The family of Joseph Ralph Salas would like to thank everyone for the generosity and kindness shown during this time of sorrow. With a special thank you to the Sangre de Cristo Hospice staff and the Acute Center at the Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center.  The love and compassion given helped our family through this difficult time.

~ Jeanette Villalobos

Walsenburg, CO


Thank you for caring about Noe

The family of Noe E. Espinoza, Jr. would like to thank everyone for their kind expressions of sympathy during the time of our loss.

Special thanks to Noe’s co-workers, the people who helped cook for the reception, those who sent cards, flowers, and money, the staff of Boies-Ortega Funeral Home, and everyone who attended the service.

Special thanks also to his brothers, Randy, Robert, and Kenny who were always there for him. We appreciate you very much.

~Betty L. Espinoza and family

Walsenburg, CO


La Veta elderly meal program thanks Ryus

The La Veta elderly meal program would like to take a moment to thank the Ryus Avenue Bakery. The Ryus Avenue Bakery donates many delicious loaves of bread each week to help feed the nearly 30 elderly participants in the meal program. It is this spirit of generosity and caring that makes La Veta such a special place! Thank you Ryus Avenue Bakery and all those who volunteer to help make the elderly meal program a success.

~Patty Burns, Cherie Lowenberg, Pat Nettershiem and of course, Jon Dolak.

La Veta, CO


Gun control won’t solve the problem

Dear Editor and readers:

There are no simple and easy answers when dealing with evil. We want to enact a solution to prevent murder from ever happening again.  But it will happen again. It has been with us since the beginning of time (Genesis 4:8) and will continue through the end times. Pure evil exists and its manifestation is heightened in the politically correct culture we have been nourishing for far too many years.

Jumping on the anti-gun and NRA bandwagon will prevent nothing.  Perhaps it might give one a good feeling that “something has been done,” but we need well-though out solutions to a deep-rooted problem of alienation and mental illness in our society.  Internet use hasn’t helped to develop healthy egos either, as face to face discourse has suffered.  We have become so frightened of “labeling” people with its legal ramifications that we have ignored their problems.  We wait until a heinous act has been committed before dealing with it, and the call to disarm America bit by bit once again pushes to the forefront.

Distraught citizens in the emotion of the moment call for boycotting the NRA and businesses supporting it.  This organization’s blame for causing this last catastrophe is like blaming the Ford Motor Company for a driver gunning it through a red light only to smash into an oncoming vehicle, killing all of its occupants.

Like those at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, I have been shot at and witnessed injured and dead students falling in pools of blood around me. The horror never leaves you.

There are many crative as well as conventional solutions, from sheriff’s substations on campus and allowing resource officers to do their jobs to dealing with the effects of anti-depressants on the brain and reopening mental hospitals.

With our PC mentality, too many are afraid to let authorities know of their concerns due to repercussions. And, as we have seen in Parkland, even when authorities have been notified at all levels multiple times, pleas for help were ignored. Anyone derelict in their line of duty should be held accountable. Period. But let’s rise above the blame game. Cherished lives were lost. The next murderer is out there, waiting to strike. Evil is amongst us.

Thank you.


~Margie Yurtinus,

Cuchara, CO