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Letters to editor for October 9, 2008

Up Scale Customer Service

    In June of this year I noticed the Walsenburg Safeway store quit carrying my favorite Dryers Slow Churned Vanilla Yogurt.  I asked the manager(s) if they could get it again.  They said they would let me know.  It didn′t happen.  I called Dryers direct and spoke with a sales representative who said they would contact Safeway to see if they would re-stock it.  July came and went and no contact from Safeway.  Dryers was still keeping in contact with me.  I contacted Safeway again ans was told they would look into it.  No response again.  End of August came and Dryers informed me that Safeway Manager told them they would no longer carry that Yogurt.  I told Dryers I guess I would have to drive to Pueblo to get it then.  Toward the middle of September I received a call from Dryers again and they informed me that they had talked with Mitzi or Don aat Charlies and they will stock it for me; which they have!

    What makes this unique is that I am only one person who had a small request and the Dryers company went out of their way to administer customer service (which is almost a lost art anymore).  The Yogurt is very good and I will continue to be a Dryers customer.

    Also, they sent me some coupons for "all my trouble!"

    Yvonne Headrick

Support Newman and King

    One of the best things that ever happened to Huerfano County was the election of Bruce Newman as sheriff several years ago. The county had long been in need of a capable sheriff, and Sheriff Newman has served as such in exceptional fashion. The bad news is that Newman is term limited, and, unless we voters change things, we will lose this excellent law enforcement officer.

    This November, we have a chance to keep Sheriff Newman in office by voting to eliminate the term limits for the sheriff′s job. I urge everyone to vote in favor of removing the term limits for this office. We don′t want to lose Bruce Newman.

    In addition, I urge everyone to re-elect Scott King to his Huerfano County Commissioner′s post. King was born and raised in this county, and he has had extensive experience locally, both as a businessman and as a public servant. King has served on a long list of boards and advisory councils and has an excellent handle on where the county has been and where it needs to be going to best benefit all who live here.

    Further, King has taken a balanced approach on encouraging new businesses to invest in our substantial energy resources while at the same time preserving our county′s scenic and natural attractions. King has done a good job for us. Vote for him and let him finish the job he has so ably been doing.

    Darrell Arnold

Perkins for Commissioner

    I wish to encourage all citizens to consider voting for Steve Perkins for District 2 Huerfano County Commissioner.  I have worked with Steve for the past several years on the La Veta/Cuchara Chamber Board. Meetings with Steve are punctual, on target, informative, challenging and productive.  These are all qualities that he will bring to the job as Commissioner.  Steve has a passion for Huerfano County and he proves it daily in his involvement with the Chamber, Celtic Festival, Tourism Board, Economic Development, Cuchara Recreation District, SPACe and the Hospital.  Steve works so well on the grass roots level where it counts – always asking and questioning how we can continue to keep our county healthy, productive and growing.  Please consider voting for Steve Perkins on November 4th. 

    Elizabeth Henson

Amendment 48

Letter to the Editor,

    I have been reading and listening to some of the arguments for and against Amendment 48, the "personhood amendment".  The absolute truth is that when conception happens this is the beginning of human life, human personhood.  When you and I were conceived in the womb of our mothers we began to exist; simple truth.  I read and article in the Pueblo Chieftain which stated "Amendment 48 is just anti-abortion extremism.  Abortion is extreme!  Amendment 48 is extreme truth!  All living things have a beginning.  We are talking about the beginning of precious human life!  Organizations who profit from abortion use words and phrases like "fetus" and pro-choice," to try to disguse the truth.  The truth is a "fetus" is a child at the very beginning of his/her life. "Pro-choice"  is the right to choose death for that human person.  We all began our human personhood in the womb of our mothers we have never been anything but a human person.  A verse in Proverbs says "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves."  Amendment 48 is plain and simple truth.  YES on 48.

    Gina Aragon

Our Freedoms

Dear Editor:

    I can’t help but marvel at the wonderful freedoms we have here in this country, most of all, the freedom of expression granted us by the First Amendment. I especially enjoy reading the Letters to the Editor in our local and out of county papers. It’s so refreshing to read the diverse opinions held by people. Some are informative; others are interesting, controversial, and sometimes humorous.

    If one can’t express their opinion in national or state papers, they still can do so in local papers. The three we have in Huerfano County seem to represent county as well as state and national issues. We can look forward to reading these letters and sample what others are thinking.

    But recently, with the situation in our country and the world, and the upcoming elections, I’m afraid this wonderful freedom we enjoy may not be around for long. The quality and views of the candidates leaves me wondering what they have in mind for us if they’re elected. I’ve been following the elections and debates closely; and, I came to the conclusion that if Barak Obama is elected president of this country, we may not be able to enjoy the freedoms we have now.

    His views are so radical, and he seems to be so convincing that I’m afraid people are going to vote more for the personality than his objectives as president. As a matter of fact, I still don’t understand what his objectives are except spending money with no idea where he’s going to get it. If this is the case, then we should enjoy what we have now because it may not be around much longer.


    V.A. Blaine

Vice Presidential Debate

Dear Editor;

     "Greed and corruption, blunders, mistakes, errors, exploitation," these would be fighting words coming from a Democratic candidate speaking about the past Administration but these words were spoken by Sarah Palin, not Joe Biden, during the Vice-Presidential debate.  Whenever Palin spoke of change she spoke of correcting her own Party′s faults; the same faults that they so vehemently deny when mentioned by a Democrat.  When Palin was asked what policies of the Bush Administration she and her "maverick" partner would change she couldn′t think of a thing.

     It is true that some Democrats fell into the error of believing that Reagan′s "trickle down prosperity" just might work.  We even gave it a good try, over 25 years.  Since Reagan began his "tax cut and spend," deregulate everything experiment the National debt has increased more than 10 fold to over $10 trillion.  The last 8 years has seen unprecedented waste and greed.  The average pay of a Fortune 500 CEO had grown more than 450% while the average worker and low/mid level manager′s income has grown only 4.5%.  It now takes 2 incomes to barely support a family.  Minimum wage workers salaries have actually decreased.  We can mandate the minimum wage, why not the maximum wage?

     The economic woes are just the most obvious.  Health care is in crisis.  Social Security is in trouble.  Our Military is critically over stressed and our priorities are confused.  We have no energy policy except "drill baby drill."  There are problems in every sphere.  The Republicans say they hate government, no wonder they can′t govern.  The polls show that a majority of informed, concerned citizens now agree that a Democratic landslide is the first step to change.  Do your part. Come visit the Huerfano County Democratic Party at our new headquarters at 112 East 5th Street and volunteer.  Don′t forget our big pre-Victory "Get Out The Vote Rally" and  silent art auction scheduled for October 19th in La Veta.  See you there.

    David Gnaizda, Chairman

    Huerfano County             Democratic Party

McCain Rally

Dear Editor,

    Recently when it was announced that the Republicans would have a rally for presidential candidate John

McCain, I talked it over with the better half and since we are both getting on in years, we decided to go.  I called for tickets, we packed a breakfast to take with us and we were off.

    We arrived early and got some pretty good seats.  Naturally Mr. McCain  was late.  Other than that , things went pretty well.  As usual the band was playing  with the public address system turned up so loud that it hurt my ears!  When Mr. McCain, arrived, the cheering drowned out the band so they stopped playing.  Later I heard some of the organizers saying that they had planned for 3,800 attendees.  They were surprised that more 5,500 people requested tickets.  Apparently between 5,000 and 5,500 people had arrived when the fire marshal stopped any more entries for safety reasons.  Maybe they will have another event to accommodate the rest of the people that want to hear Mr. McCain speak.

    I had a great time.  I didn’t know that a man approaching 70 years of age could have so much fun.  My wife tells me that I was on TV, when Mr. McCain asked all the veterans to stand up, the camera man took a picture of the back of my head.  Now I’ve had my moment of fame.

    My impression of Mr. McCain is that he was more humble than I expected from a man with as much experience as he has had.  When someone complimented him for his skills.  Mr. McCain replied, “it doesn’t take much skill to get shot down.”  Maybe not, but being a pilot myself, I know that it takes a LOT of skill to SURVIVE getting shot down.  I didn’t get shot down but I had an engine quit on one of my flights and I had to glide twenty miles over mountains, with no power, to find a safe landing place.  That increases your “pucker power considerably!

    Did I enjoy everything?  You bet yer sweet “bippy”  Will I do it again?  Probably NOT!  Will I vote for Mr. McCain?  PROBABLY so!

    Jerry Price      

No Obama

Dear Editor,

    Have you heard the latest?  On Tuesday, September 23, it was reported that Obama had enlisted a number of Missouri law enforcement officials, Including local sheriffs and prosecutors to target anyone who runs ads against Obama during the presidential campaign.  Isn’t that against our constitution?  You know freedom of speech…

    CBS reported there have been several incidents where the Obama campaign has threatened critics with civil and criminal prosecution..  His campaign has also sent “threatening” letters to several news agencies demanding they stop airing ads exposing Obama’s gun stance.  Also Obama’s lawyers have demanded the Department of Justice investigate and prosecute the American issues Project, its officers, board of directors and donors, for running ads critical of Obama’s ties to terrorist Bill Ayers.

    Obama has also urged tough measures against people who fail to back him. He told a group of supporters in Nevada to argue with and get in the faces of Republican and Independent voters.  This is a technique that is outlined in The “Rules for Radicals” by marxist Saul Alinsky.  Did you know that Saul Alinsky is also the primer of Obama’s long time associate Bill Ayers?  If you want to read more go to truth or fiction and click on Obama Using Law Enforcement Officials.

    People, we are going to lose our freedoms if this guy gets elected.  He’s already trying to get rid of our First Amendment.  Freedom of Speech.  Next he will do just like Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro.  They said they were going to change their countries, and look what happened there.  Please, I urge all Americans to stand up for their country and NOT Vote for Obama!!!!  If he gets in we will never be free again.

     A Former Democrat,

    Linda Neldner

Response to Linda Neldner

Letter to the editor:

    Someone wrote,  "If Obama is elected president: "This guy will ruin our wonderful  country with his Muslim ideals." I′m sorry to inform you but your worst fear has already come true.  Eight years too late and $10 trillion dollars short the end of America, as we know her,  is in sight.  To paraphrase an old folk song: "Peabody′s coal company has hauled it away."   Your country has nearly "been hauled away" by the Bush administration and it will take every man, woman and child of us to salvage what′s left…

    Ignoring all the other tragedies and speaking only of the economy, each of us now owes $33,000 as our part of the national debt….  will that be cash or check?  Sorry, no credit cards accepted. 

    One hundred and fifty nine thousand fellow Americans lost their jobs last month.  They join the seven hundred and fifty thousand  already in the unemployment line because of the tragic failures of this administration over the last eight years…

    John McCain voted with the Bush administration 90% of the time during those eight years.  Not much of a maverick there, is 10% change good enough?  Are we ready for our children to spend the next 100 years in Iraq?  Ready for more FREE trade agreements?  Ready for more $50 million dollar salaries for those CEO′s shipping our jobs overseas?  Ready for the rich to get richer while the rest of us get poorer?  Well McCain is the man to carry on the Bush tradition.

    By the way it has been proven a hundred ways from Sunday that Barack Obama is a Christian and not a Muslim.  In all due respect, if these last eight years are examples of the ideals,  faith and actions of a Born Again Christian,  as Bush claims to be… then HEAVEN help AMERICA regardless of religious faith!

    Ken Back

Response to Jerry Price

Dear Jerry,

     O.K., what about character and resume?   John McCain is just another aristocrat.  He is the son and grandson of admirals whose family′s 2,800 acre Southern plantation owned slaves until the end of the Civil War.  John McCain graduated 5th from the bottom of his class at Annapolis.  His nicknames were "Punk" and "McNasty." He earned over 100 demerits each year in the Academy and earned especially low grades in conduct and leadership.  Although he certainly displayed great heroism while a captive in Vietnam his military career was mixed at best.  He has crashed at least three planes and narrowly escaped death in 1972 when he ran into high tension wires in Spain because he was flying recklessly.  His 26 years in Congress has seen a steady decline in the quality of life of the middle class. (Don′t even ask about his morals and marriages.)   Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS), who has known McCain for more than 35 years says, "The thought of (McCain) being President sends a cold chill down my spine.  He is erratic.  He is hotheaded.  He loses his temper and he worries me." 

    Obama may be accused of being cerebral and intellectual, but never of being hotheaded and impulsive.  Raised by a single mother, his hard work and brilliant mind earned him a degree not only from Columbia University but a prestigious magnum cum laude Harvard Law School diploma and election as the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review.  Upon graduating, instead of going to Wall Street, he went to work for a small civil rights law firm and taught Constitutional law at the University of Chicago for 10 years.  He married Michelle Robinson in 1992 and has two daughters.  After a distinguished career in the Illinois Senate he was elected by a landslide to the U.S. Senate.

     There′s no way that impetuous, superstitious "crap shooter" John McCain can even come close to thoughtful and prudent "poker player" Barack Obama as a potential world leader.

     With all of this said, this election is NOT about personality, it is about two conflicting political philosophies. Our Democratic ideals put labor in front of capital; our opponents think that wealth is the gateway to power.  We have been going down the road of Republican voodoo economics long enough.  It′s time to give the power back to the people.  We′ve earned it.

     David Gnaizda,


    Huerfano County             Democratic Party


Response to Rene Sarafian

Dear Editor;

    Dialogue is the heart of democracy. But factual accuracy is the basis of any conversation.  I am proud to be a citizen of a country where we can express ourselves and I′m proud of the conversation that is developing here but there has to be some basic respect for the truth.

    First, the government has always regulated business and industry under the Commerce Clause in the Constitution.  In Colorado alone there are over 130 different regulatory agencies not including Federal Agencies such as the EPA, OSHA, FDA, and the SEC. Even the Civil Rights Act was created under the auspices of the Commerce Clause. The first principle of business is to get the maximum productivity for minimum cost. To protect us our representative government regulates business.  Over centuries we have wrested some control, with much blood, from the hands of the hierarchical aristocracy.  That fight will never end, but, if we can legislate the minimum wage we can also legislate the maximum wage.  As far as taxing the rich, you have to, because the poor don′t have any money. 

     Regarding campaign finances, according to the Federal Election Commission website all of Barack Obama′s campaign money comes from individuals; every drop, and much of that comes in contributions of less than $200.00.  Again according to the FEC, much of John McCain′s money comes from PAC′s, (Political Action Committees), which operate outside most donation limits.  Many of McCain′s contributions come from individuals using loopholes to donate as much as $43,000.00.

     Rene brings up some excellent points.  However, since we cannot go back to 1913 and change what was done then, I would like her to tell us how we are going to pay the rent in 2008.  We have been robbed of close to $4 trillion dollars in just the last 8 years.  The current "rescue plan" was written to satisfy the banks, not the people, but the bankers will soon discover that some smart "unknown person" slipped in just the right wording so that a new Treasury Secretary, under a new Democratic administration, can change this "rescue" from a deal where we are buying junk to a stock injection program where, just like Obama advisor Warren Buffet, we stand to make billions in profit for the risk we are taking.  It′s time for change.

    David Gnaizda,


    Huerfano County

    Democratic Party