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Let’s be thankfull, part two

by Larry Patrick

    The Huerfano Journal is celebrating its first year anniversary with this issue. Last year, in the very first issue, I wrote about being thankful for the many blessings I’ve had.  Now, a year later, there are still things to be thankful for and I will give a listing in this article.

    I was talking to a friend the other day about Gov. Sarah Palin sparing a turkey that made the internet videos last week.  It made me think about some of the early memories of Thanksgiving that I’ve had and hadn’t thought about for many years.

    In first or second grade, way back when, I recall my teacher cooking up Indian corn and having her students give it a try.  It certainly tasted a bit differently than the yellow corn I was used to at home. It was a good object lesson plus “Cowboys and Indians” were a big thing back in the 50’s.  (That’s the 1950’s for any smart alecs trying to make me older than I am).

    Another thing I recently realized is that my family only ate turkey on Thanksgiving.  It seems to me that most of America only had turkey on Thanksgiving too.  Now I don’t know that for sure.  But my mom never bought turkeys at the store any other time of the year.  I don’t even know if they were available at the store any other time of the year.  Eating out at restaurants was not the big thing it is today and I don’t recall turkey being on the menu of restaurants for many years.  Today, you can have turkey anytime you want it during the year.  Maybe it was available more often back in those days but I never recall that being the case.  Maybe that’s why people really stuffed themselves with turkey on Thanksgiving.  It was a novelty and after the leftovers were gone, you were out of luck until next Thanksgiving.  Maybe someone reading this can clue me in if I’m way off on this.

    Getting to the things I am thankful for, I have the following list.

    My mom is now 81 and still healthy.

    My three children are healthy and still haven’t written home for money for another year. (I still don’t have any to send to them anyway).

    I had a health scare this year which turned out to be nothing.

    I’m thankful for Brian and Gretchen Orr of the Huerfano Journal picking me off the unemployment line and giving me a job for the entire first year.

    I’m thankful for the men and women serving in the armed services that have endured another year of war.  As a veteran, I understand their sacrifice.

    I’m thankful the election year is finally over and that we all survived all of the political commercials and upheavel.

    I’m thankful for the many friends that I am fortunate to have locally and across the country.

    I’m thankful that despite the gloom that is overlooking our economy, we also have hope and an attitude of overcoming our tough times.

    I’m thankful that gasoline prices have come way, way down from the record highs we experienced for most of 2008.  (I filled up for $1.51 this past weekend while traveling through Colorado Springs).

    Finally, I’m thankful I’ll have another Thanksgiving with family.  With our hustle-bustle world, families spread out in all directions, it’s nice to be together when we can celebrate with each other.

    All of you who can’t be with family and friends this Thanksgiving, I hope you will take part in the community Thanksgiving dinner at the Community Center in Walsenburg.  Peg Clymore and her many wonderful volunteers are working hard again to bring a touch of Huerfano County hospitality to many people.  They are all to be commended and we should all be so “thankful” for people like them that give so much to our community. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and thanks to all of you for making the Huerfano Journal’s first anniversary such a special occasion.