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Las Animas County Commission recognizes non-profit recipients

by Bill Knowles
TRINIDAD — The LAC commissioners heard from several grant recipients during their regular meeting last Tuesday. The seven non-profits received between $700 to over $8,000 in funding from the county.
Among the non-profits were Zion Lutheran Church of Trinidad, Colorado, the Art Council of Trinidad, LAC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and the Trinidad State College Foundation.

The TSC Foundation has several non-profits they umbrella with, and the grant awards move through the TSC Foundation and awarded to several groups that they administer grants to.

The non-profits for TSC are the Trinidad State College Foundation (TSCF) – COSI receiving $8,220, TSCF, creative writing $2,500; TCSF, the gun range receiving $500; and TSCF, continuing education which received $500.

Other non-profits to receive grant funding from the county were the Art Council of Trinidad which received $700. The Trinidad LAC County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce received $2,500.

Earth Mountain Education Farm received $2,500 and some attention from the county commission as a workable solution for those who have issues with mental health. The course offered by the education farm all deal with working outdoors and with the soil.

Kim ambulance
The county commission approved a letter to the Drug Enforcement Agency saying that a transfer of medications, especially opioids from Kim Ambulance to the Trinidad Ambulance District and from TAD to Kim ambulance falls outside of its jurisdiction. The letter will also state that the county has no involvement with drug licensing.

Once the letter is sent the DEA will come into the county and will help set up a transfer program that will allow the small ambulance service to transfer drugs that are set to expire to the Trinidad Ambulance District who will then transfer drugs with a longer expiration date to Kim. The Trinidad Ambulance District is a larger operation and will use pain medications quicker than Kim ambulance.

“If the drugs aren’t used before the expiration date then they will have to be destroyed and lose the money expended on the medications,” said Trinidad Ambulance District medical director Dr. Jeremy Dewhall.
This has nothing to do with the licensing of an ambulance district or service, that falls within the county’s jurisdiction. The transfer of a scheduled drug falls within the jurisdiction of the DEA.
The county wants the letter to exempt them from all liability.

Once they were satisfied that would be the case, they passed the resolution with a 3-0 vote following a discussion during executive session.