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Larry Patrick running for Mayor

    My name is Larry Patrick.  I am announcing my candidacy for the position of Mayor of Walsenburg.  I have been active in the Walsenburg and surrounding areas of Huerfano County for the past 15 years.

    Many people know me as the voice of KSPK radio for 10 years.  Others know me for my work with the Huerfano Journal the past 2 years.  I have served as president of the Huerfano County Chamber of Commerce and in the past 4 years, I have been serving the people of Walsenburg as a city councilman.

    As a veteran, I served my country during the Vietnam War. I am also proud of my work in civic organizations like the Jaycees, Optimists and Lions Clubs during my adult life.

    I have been the mayor pro-tem during my city council tenure and handled the mayoral duties for several months when Mayor Sheldon was recovering from illness.

    Leadership is my strong suit.  I have been proud to serve two terms with other dynamic leaders in this community.  I believe that when the top leader steps down, those with the experience and dedication need to step forward to take over the reins.  Walsenburg has been moving in a positive direction and I am even more excited about where the city will be in the years ahead.  Being part of that change will help us to grow and prosper.  We need strong and dedicated leadership to make that happen.  I’m willing and able to lead a hard working city council, management and staff to bigger and better things for the citizens that we serve.