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Landowner wants county designation removed

by Larry Patrick
WALSENBURG — Carol Koscove addressed the Huerfano County Commissioners about two roads that are designated county roads but are in fact, her ranch property. The commissioners recognize the mistake and are taking steps to rectify it.
The problem occurred when Koscove allowed oil drillers to use her private property road to get to drilling sites. Somehow, the private property roadways were thought to be county roads, signs were put up, and they are now marked as county roads by Google Earth and on a number of non-public maps used by the county and Colorado Department of Transportation.
County Administrator John Galusha has contacted Google Earth to seek removal of the county road designations from their site. Getting state maps updated will take longer but attempts are being made.
Koscove said she didn’t want hunters and others trespassing or creating confrontations with people who think the roads are public, not private, because they show on a map.
The commissioners received correspondence from Danielle Seawell containing a request for agenda time for the April 10 meeting of the BoCC, to discuss the mission statement and by-laws for the new Gardner Community Center Advisory Board. The comissioners questioned whether the new organization intends to function as a work group or as an advisory board. Gardner commissioner Ray Garcia said he didn’t think the proposed board wanted to control the center. Clarification on what the county commissioners expect from the group, and what the Gardner group envisions, will be discussed at the upcoming meeting.
The commissioners are halfway to their goal of paying for the new scoreboard at the ball field at Fiesta Park. They signed up their seventh scoreboard sponsor at the $1,000 fee for five years to help pay for the $14,000 scoreboard.
The project is part of the overall changes being made at Fiesta Park which will include a dog run, larger community garden area, a T-ball field, sand volleyball, playground equipment and other amenities. Plans also call for blocking off the outer area of the park behind the ball fields to car traffic and to have a park curfew to curb vandalism and loitering.

Bertha Trujillo

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