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Ladies, does your Diamond Match-up?

by Larry Patrick

DENVER- The Colorado Rockies received their World Series rings at opening game ceremonies on Sunday. The players had very little time to see them as the game was following the ceremony.  Here is a description of the World Series rings each player, coach and manager received.

    Each ring is white gold with a purple amethyst CR on top.  There are 69 diamonds on each ring, with a total weight of 1.25 carats.  Part of the ring has 8 stones that represent the Rockies’ wins in the playoffs last year.  Another part of the ring has each player’s last name along with their uniform number.  Inside each ring is the overall team record last year of 90-73.

        I doubt that any of the player’s wives were given a ring like that when they got married.  So ladies, go easy on your man.