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La Veta Town Board denies Flanders a second time

 LA VETA — In what was at sometimes a heated exchange between property owner Gary Flanders and Mayor Doug Brgoch, the town board, for a second time, denied Flanders request to have his property zoned by the town. With Flanders before the board, Brgoch explained that Flanders had not filed the appropriate paper work, adding that Flanders needed to submit a platte of the property. Brgoch also noted that a Planned Unit Development or PUD was needed from Flanders to move forward. Brgoch explained that the PUD provides the citizens of the town with idea of what is being proposed so they can weigh in on the project, as it addresses issues like power, water, and sewer needs to the site. Flanders replied, “The town cannot make up ordinances as they go. I am 73 years old and have no plans to develop the property. I want to prepare it for the next owner.” Brgoch pointed out that, “We have to act in the best interest of the town and to know what is coming.” One of Flander’s main concerns was not having to wait for six months to reapply for an extension for time to file an appeal. Brgoch agreed to allow Flanders to review the

situation and return to the board. Under old business, Mark Hornberger with GMS Engineering provide the board with an update on the sewer project. Hornberger stated there had been problems with unmarked buried phone lines. He also said that in an effort to repair damage done to alleys, the contractor, RMS, will place two to four inches of road base in the alleys. The board approved to pay GMS and RMS a combined amount of $102,776.50 for work done thus far. Ed Donovan with the La Veta school board provided the trustees with a year-end report for RE-2 School District. Donovan also introduced Clay McKisson as a recently appointed member of the school board. Donovan stated the district comes to the town board three times per year to provide updates and then handed the baton to McKisson, who then briefed the town board. McKisson praised RE-2 staffer Gaye Davis who had garnered $900,000.00 for the Garland Street improvement project currently underway. Mayor Brgoch noted the town had contributed $35,000 towards the project. McKisson went on to round out the report with a variety of statistics noting that the school district was one of only 27 in Colorado to receive the honor of being “Accredited with Distinction.” In other new business the board: • Approved a liquor permit request from Beth Evans with Shalawalla Art Gallery. Under recently passed state liquor laws art galleries must apply for a limited license to serve alcohol at art openings and events. • Approved an agreement with the State Division of Water Resources to utilize satellite tracking systems to monitor the town’s water usage as water flows through its head gates. The system will save the town time and money as it does away with the need to have a town employee drive to and from the various head gates daily to monitor water flow. The cost for monitoring the three head gates is not to exceed $21,000.00 per year. The Department of Local Affairs will contribute $80,000 towards this project. • Accepted the resignation of Kim McKee as the Director of the Fort Francisco Museum. • Went into executive session to discuss a DOLA grant to match town funds for street improvements. No action was taken after the board returned to regular session. • Heard that the improvements on the town marshal’s office were getting close to being done. • Will have a special meeting with Ft. Francisco Museum Board on August 12. • Deputy Marshal Jim Chamberlain now has a walking cast and has an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon on July 29, which will provide the board with an update as to when he can start work.