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La Veta supports local papers

by Carol Dunn

LA VETA- At its January 6 meeting, the La Veta Town Board opened bids from the Huerfano Journal, The Signature, and Huerfano County World for publishing its legal notices.  Citing the desire to publish the legals in the newspaper most read by residents of La Veta, the Board voted unanimously to award the legal advertising to The Signature, which reduced its rates by 50% from the price it was previously charging.  The Signature was the high bidder.  The Huerfano County World offered to run the legals at no charge for one year if the ads were placed by email or internet.  Mayor Mickey Schmidt stated, “The Signature and Journal are locally owned and the livelihood of their owners comes from their papers.”  Schmidt said that the World is owned by a chain out of Los Angeles and could no longer be considered a local newspaper.  He also said the Town would publish in all three papers items which needed extended coverage beyond the La Veta area. 

    A discussion was held concerning the special use permit application by Deb and Larry Klinke for a bed and breakfast inn at 902 S. Oak St.  Of concern to several trustees was the lack of planning for off-street parking.  The application was accompanied by a request for variance of the 2004 code requirement for off-street parking for commercial businesses.  The Klinkes said their customers would park diagonally along the street adjacent to their property.  “We will have fewer vehicles parked there than we do now,” Deb Klinke said.  “Your current parking is on Town right-of-way, where a sidewalk would be,” Trustee Dawn Blanken pointed out.  Eventually, the Board voted (four in favor, one against) to grant the special use permit and variance as a bundle, with a review in three years.

    Kit Pogue, Sharon Ratajczak and Maggie Watson shared their vision for starting a bi-weekly market, initially at the La Veta Community Center, showcasing local wares, products and produce. 

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