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La Veta Redskins Cage Mancos Blue Jays

by Melissa Ray
LA VETA — The La Veta Redskins and the Mancos Blue Jays went head-to-head in a cross division game at 1 pm on Saturday. With neither team putting points on the board in the first quarter, this match up seemed to be an even fight.
The second quarter proved to be a different story. Mancos seemed to get flustered and began to fall apart. A face mask penalty gave QB Blake Warren a prime opportunity to run the ball for a touchdown followed by a two-point conversion, making the score 8-0.
La Veta’s defensive warriors continued to hold the Blue Jays on the ground. Unsportsmanlike conduct pushed Mancos almost to the goal line in their own territory. They couldn’t move the ball and had to punt.
The Redskins took over at the Blue Jay 40-yard line. Dylan Sporcich moved the ball down the field with some fancy footwork to put La Veta in prime scoring range. W.D. Arnold broke through a flock of Blue Jays and ran the ball for a 32-yard touchdown. The score was now 14-0.
The remainder of the first half, La Veta continued to play well both offensively and defensively. The Blue Jays continued to remain on the ground. Zac Brunelli caught a 7-yard touchdown pass and Warren kept the ball and ran it in to make a two-point conversion, ending the half 22-0.
Coming out in the second half, the Blue Jays began to move the ball down the field. La Veta pulled together as a team and pushed the Jays back to the ground. Sporcich stepped up and intercepted the ball on a long pass attempt by Mancos. The Blue Jays lost all momentum and exacerbated their situation with more unsportsmanlike conduct. Jonathan Sanchez and Warren added 8 more points to the board bringing the score to 36-0.
After the younger Redskin players came in for a chance to get some game time experience, Branson Mitchell of Mancos was able to break through two Redskin tackles and complete a 93-yard touchdown. The 2-point attempt was good making the score 36-8.
An onside kick was recovered by Brunelli just short of the Mancos 50-yard line. The Redskins overturned the ball, but kept the Blue Jays from moving forward. The Redskins took over and Sporcich made one more touchdown. The game ended with the Blue Jays caged, the score 42-8.
Kyon Kreutzer was named overall player of the game with 45 yards passing, 40 yards rushing, and 8 tackles (4 assists). Warren was named offensive player with 52 yards passing, 101 yards rushing, 2 touchdowns and 3 two-point conversions. Eric Griego was named defensive player of the game adding 2 sacks to his count and 6 tackles (3 assists).
La Veta is now at 4-1-0 and ranked 32 in the state. Congratulations go out to Arnold who is ranked #3 in the state in punt yards, #5 in kickoff yards, and #7 in tackles; Dylan Sporcich ranked #4 in interceptions and Austen VanLue ranked #10 in punt yards.
Coach Ron Ortivez praised the team. “I’m proud of these guys for sticking together and finishing out the regular season together. We’re getting better every week and I think we’re gonna be hard to beat coming down the stretch. I would like to thank all the support that we’ve had, especially after the start that we’ve had. I am very happy for La Veta athletics right now. Our football team and our volleyball girls are a fine example of the kind of kids we have in La Veta.”

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