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La Veta online

by Carla Dolce

LA VETA- Tuesday the La Veta Trustees announced the new town website:   There, one can access the Municipal Code, forms, Town Board meeting agendas, minutes, and more.

    Arthur J. Miller, manager of train operations for the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad, commended the volunteer fire department for assessing safety issues and for providing two volunteer EMT′s for a charter train run.  Mr. Miller noted that the railroad plans for significant growth and desires the best relationship with the town.

    The Board adopted an ordinance granting a re-platting request by Deborah A. Lathrop, approved the liquor license renewal application for La Veta Inn, and granted the water and sewer tap application of Reed White and Carol Houk.  They tabled a request by Marva Lee May to vacate the alley behind May′s property.  Mayor Mickey Schmidt noted that the Board′s policy has been to deny requests to vacate alleys due to uncertainty over future needs.

    Dan Wachob of Wachob & Wachob sought approval of “pipe stem” lots at Grandote to enable the creation of small lots that would otherwise be inaccessible.  Because these raise road issues and litigation is pending regarding road ownership, Mayor Schmidt suggested the matter might best be decided after the courts decide who owns the roads.  Moreover, Grandote′s preliminary plan application was incomplete.

    The Board approved delivery and maintenance of a “porta potty” for the airport at a cost of $60 and a monthly maintenance cost of $60.  The Board then voted to end the Town′s lease to the Chamber of Commerce at the Depot.  Apparently, the Chamber failed to comply with a provision requiring someone  staff the depot to interact with tourists.

    Finally, Mayor Schmidt noted that in the Signature Summer Guide, he saw ads for accommodations by businesses he wasn′t sure were properly licensed.  Property may be rented without a license if it is rented for a minimum of one week at a time to the same person.  Property owners who are renting for shorter periods must be licensed.  The Town of La Veta will go through the Guide and contact businesses that appear to be offering accommodations they aren′t licensed to provide.