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La Veta Marshal and Deputy fired

LA VETA—The La Veta Town Marshal and one of his deputies found their employment with the town cut short by the Town Board during a special meeting on Friday, April 15, at Town Hall. Harold Willburn was terminated immediately and his deputy Jason Vaughn was found his employment terminated on Wednesday, April 13.

During the special meeting Jason Vaughn requested that the Town Board list his termination as a lay-off rather then as a termination. On a vote of 6-0, with Trustee Laurie Erwin absent, the board approved the change of termination status for Vaughn to the lay-off. This will allow Vaughn to pursue future employment and collect unemployment insurance.

Harold Willburn had been offered 30 days to either resign or face termination Wednesday, April 13, after a conversation with La Veta Town Mayor Don Keairns. During the special meeting, Willburn stated several times that he would not resign his position. “I don’t understand this,” Willburn told the board. “I’ve worked for the town for 11 years and had a favorable review this last time. And I would like the opportunity to discuss this with the board.”

The board’s response was the state is a free will state and an employer didn’t have to give a reason for termination of employment. According to Trustee Blanken, any conversation between the town and Willburn where personnel issues were involved are confidential and wouldn’t be discussed at an open meeting.

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