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La Veta history for April 08, 2010

La Veta

1903: Complaints have been rife this week regarding the bad behavior of boys and young men in the churches and several were removed during services last Sunday.

1912: Contrary to the general rule Easter Sunday was a sunny and temperate day and the ladies had every opportunity to display their new spring finery.

1916: In the town election held Tuesday the Independent candidates were defeated by a majority of 82 of a total of 342 votes cast.

1921: There will be an election from 6-8 this evening to decide if the seventh and eighth grade students of Oakview school, which is badly overcrowded, should be allowed to attend high school in La Veta.

1930: There is some talk of a new cash and carry grocery store starting in the former U-Tote-Em building by William McLain.

1936: March proverbially came in like a lamb and went out like a lion

1942: A heavy snowstorm Monday was blamed for the light turnout at the polls for the town election Tuesday, with just 359 total votes cast from a registration of 575.

1948: Pete Gross was so anxious to mow his lawn the other day he shoveled off the snow and gave the mower a workout. Rushing the season a bit, Pete?

1954: Lacking a controversial issue to focus the attention of the voters seems to be responsible for passing interest in the biennial town election this week. Just 293 votes were cast to re-elect the mayor, clerk, treasurer and four of six of the trustees.

1962: Robert R. Weir, Jack Young, Marlin L. Warren, Louis Kopine, Ralph C. Hickey and Ben C. Nason were elected town trustees with a total of 276 votes cast.

1969: Frank Arnold spent all this week trimming the trees in the town park, assisted by Simon Aguirre and his son who cleared all the brush and hauled off the branches.

1975: Heavy snows in March brought the snow depth on old La Veta Pass to 45.3 inches and the water content to 13.4 inches.

1982: The controversial two cent sales tax was approved in Tuesday’s election. New trustees are Linda Taft, John Davis and Bob Berner, over Alfred Murray, Joe Riggins, Frank Repola, Larry Harris, Walter Finger, Cooper Wise, Lyman Brigham, Richard Sardello, Dub Houchin and William Smith.