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La Veta Courted by another Wireless Carrier

by Carol Dunn

LA VETA- Commnet Wireless has presented a proposal to the La Veta Town Board to place six flat panel antennae on the Town’s second water tank.  A proposal by Alltel Wireless is already being considered by the Town Board for a flat panel on the first water tank.  According to Commnet representative Mike Sharlow, the panels would provide service for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless.  Of the six panels, two would face Cuchara Pass, two would face La Veta Pass, and two would be directed toward the intersection of Highways 12 and 160.  When asked about the percentage of coverage the panels would provide, Sharlow said, “We won’t know the coverage until this sight is online.”  The Board of Trustees agreed to pursue a lease with Commnet to be negotiated by the Town’s attorney and which will mirror the agreement that is reached with Alltel.

    In order to develop testimony for Huerfano County Planning and Zoning on the proposed 180-foot cell tower north of the Town Lakes, Keli Kringel presented a request to access the land around the Town Lakes.  Kringel proposes to loft a helium balloon 180 feet into the air and have people around town get a visual fix on it to determine where the cell tower will be visible.  The balloon, looking approximately like a three-foot-diameter red currant, is the type typically used by engineering firms as tower height markers.  The Board agreed to give Kringel permission to access the land around the lakes and use the balloon when winds permit during the month of September.  Planning and Zoning has decided against rescheduling its public hearing about the cell tower and is only accepting written comments from the public until September 19.

    Jim Pacheco was present to question the Board about what is being done to address his flooding problems on Moore Avenue.  According to Mayor Mickey Schmidt, the Pacheco property is at about the lowest point in town, and all streets naturally drain toward his home.  The Town is planning to put larger culverts on Virginia Street, deepen the borrow pits, and place a larger culvert and raise the height of the street near the Pacheco residence.  Trustee Dale Davis elaborated that five more culverts will be installed around town in the next three weeks.

    The Board was notified by CGRS Environmental Services that the monitoring wells on Town property found benzene contamination in excess of allowable State standards.  The Board agreed to allow CGRS to install seven more monitoring wells, which are required by the Division of Oil and Public Safety.  The contamination was caused by an underground release of petroleum products about March, 2008 at La Veta Oil. 

    At the request of La Veta High School, the Board will request that CDOT close Main Street on September 19 for the Homecoming parade, which will begin at 2:45 pm.

    The Tree Board has had a request from the Fine Arts Gallery to plant a tree next to the building to provide some shade.  There is an issue with an adjacent handicap parking spot, and the Streets & Alleys Committee will study the situation.

    Mayor Schmidt reported that the Town’s water project will begin as soon as the contractor resolves its bonding and other preliminary issues.  The contractor will have 150 days to finish the project from the date it is started.

    Trustee Tracy Webb mentioned that someone built a pyramid with the tables from the pavilion in the park.  Benches were also moved to other locations in town.  The Town is seeking leads on who had the time and energy to conduct this mischief.