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La Veta considers closing Skate Park

by Carol Dunn
LA VETA- At its April 5 meeting, the La Veta Town Board discussed closing Vein Skate Park. Trustee Laurie Erwin said, “When I first got on the board, the kids did a really good job at the skate park.” She said most have now lost interest and there is more graffiti than ever. She added, “It’s a place that started out really nice. But it’s just getting worse.” Trustee Dawn Blanken suggested

giving the skate park users 30 days to come up with a plan including the money to replace the damaged signs, which are required for liability reasons. If this is not accomplished, the park will be permanently closed.
La Veta Principal Bree Lessar told the Board that the school would like to improve and maintain the baseball field with the help of one of the parents. The plan is to level the field and hydroseed it if the Town will water it over the summer. In a letter, Lessar said, “The school envisions the field as a more inviting space that will possibly be used by Little League teams throughout the summer.” Erwin said, “We haven’t had a summer baseball program for years and years. It has kind of withered away.” She pointed out that parents and coaches would need to be involved in the maintenance. “If you have a group of parents interested – it sounds like they’re willing to do that,” Erwin said.
Alan Wehe, with the Blanca Telephone Company, briefed the Board on a proposed fiber optic project that would pass through La Veta. Wehe said his company is an independent phone company with “the mission to provide telephone and high-speed internet to our neighborhoods.” The company plans to bury fiber optic cable from I-25 down County Road 310 to CR 320 to CR 358 to Main St., under the railroad tracks to First Street, out CR 450 to CR 440 to Costilla County. The project, planned for this summer and next, would provide an alternate service provider in the area.
The Board agreed to waive the property line setbacks for Dwight Nelson at 210 South Main Street in order to make his property usable. Nelson plans to erect a block building for a garage abutting the La Veta Inn’s southeast corner. The Board told Nelson that the drainage into the alley needs to be addressed, as well as a floodplain determination and a review by the Historic Preservation Committee.
The Board voted to proceed with Phase 1 of the engineering on the North Lake project, hiring Colorado River Engineering for $46,984. On a vote of 5-2, the Board voted to have Blakely Construction build stairs, a catwalk and railing at the water plant building for $1,333. Tom Knowles was hired to take care of park and restroom maintenance this summer for $6,000. The Board approved a 14-foot setback variance for Huerfano County at its maintenance shop property on Locust and East Field St. A new 35’x70’ equipment shed will be built along Locust, and the fence will be rebuilt.
The Board renewed one year grazing lease for $1,800 with Ann Brgoch for property near the Town Lakes. The Board agreed to draft a lease allowing Larry Moore to use the airport hangar for $50 per month for one year, beginning May 1. Moore said he will be storing one airplane and building another.
La Veta’s Community Clean-up days will be Friday and Saturday, April 28-29, provided Mountain Disposal furnishes the large dumpsters required.